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Girl throws puppies in river

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Girl throws puppies in river
  • Has anyone else heard of this? I didn't believe it at first, & just thought it was one of those fake "joke" videos... But sadly it's not.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNo-dFGyh9c -story (non graphic)

    http://twistedgirlthrowspuppiesinriver.weebly.com/ - full video (graphic)

    Angry Crying

  • A member here shared it on FB. Sad I wish I hadn't watched it and I stopped when she picked up the second puppy.  That's a sociopath and the person filming is equally sick.

  • OMG.  She was ENJOYING herself!  She was talking to them and making noises when she tossed them.  I'm sick.

  • What a sicko....and psycho.

    I wonder why they can't find out who she is? I mean, the video had to come from somewhere, someone had to upload it.

  •  Urp...

  • I really wish I could rewind time to a minute ago when I did not know about this...

  • I can't bring myself to watch this. Reading the responses of other members is enough, and I can imagine how bad it is.


    People like this can't fly under the radar for long.. sadly they keep doing very sick things, but at least that lands them caught and dealt with.

  • Beejou
    I can't bring myself to watch this. Reading the responses of other members is enough, and I can imagine how bad it is.


    That was a smart decision, IMO. 

  • I didn't watch it but... there's no justification, imo for that behavior. There's other ways to humanely kill an animal (one of the news stories said that wild dogs were attacking villagers and they were just trying to "save" themselves from these vicious animals)....even though she was killing little puppies and not actual adult dogs =(. Anyways... they're already naming someone as the girl in the video so hopefully there'll be action taken soon. On the plus side... the public outrage shows just how many animal lovers, activists, and just plain sane people there are in the world.=) I'm glad we don't live in a society where this is an acceptable behavior.

  • I hope she gets caught soon for the sake of the animals around her & for her to hopefully get some help.

  • To see it like this and know someone filmed the whole thing just standing there...ugg...Angry  If they didn't want puppies why didn't they have the mother dog spayed?  They do not deserve to own any pets at all!

    It's been shown that people who abuse animals are more likely to also abuse other people.  So not only is this girl insensitive to life she's a psychopath and a danger to everyone!  Pehaps that may be an extreme assumption but I'm so mad at people like this.

  • Cant even explain how crappy I feel after seeing this. I hope she isnt around anymore animals and I can only hope she doesnt have kids to pass this demented way of life to.

  •  I watched this video the other day and it made me feel sick. Those poor puppies Sad

    As to who she is, I did find this article this morning saying that they found her and its a girl from Bosnia: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20015545-504083.html

  • I heard on the radio this morning that her brother was filming her acts.  Some movie producer has offered a reward for the arrest and conviction of both of them.

  • I can't get these images out of my head and the thought of what those poor puppies went thru..... She and her brother will pay some way, some how. I have to believe that.

    I think the thing that really bothers me so much lately is that this type of stuff goes on every day and *isn't* videotaped and the world *doesn't* know. That makes me ill.