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LaGrange police shoot dog

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LaGrange police shoot dog
  • http://www.wgem.com/global/video/flash/popupplayer.asp?ClipID1=4865940&h1=LaGrange%20police%20criticized%20for%20dog%20shooting%20video&vt1=v&at1=News&d1=153600&LaunchPageAdTag=News&activePane=info&rnd=39527846

    Here is the full police video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kJVnA5KXJw

    I just dont get it. They caught the dog and put a collar on her, the police man was petting her and she was friendly and wagging her tail. They try to put the catch pole on her... and she freaks out. She is CLEARLY afraid of the catch pole, and when they werent trying to put the catch pole on her, she was just lying down acting fairly calm... When they caught her with the catch pole she freaked out and was fighting it, but wasnt in any way acting aggressive towards the humans... so WHY shoot her? He shot her, not killing her, she falls down, starts wagging her tail, then he shoots her again... just because she was afraid of the catch pole.
    This is just ridiculous, I saw no reason at all for killing that dog.

  • I'm not going to watch this because I know that I will be just sick over it, just based on your description.  But, I know that law enforcement officials, including ACO's and police, don't often have a really good understanding of dog behavior.  So, very sadly, not totally unexpected that such things happen.  I once asked one of my local firefighters what they would do if they came upon a fire and a citizen told them that their aggressive dog was inside.  His response, thankfully, was, "We'd try to get her out."  He said that he would rely on his equipment to help deter any bites, but said he expected dogs to be frightened in fires.  Now, that's the kind of person I'm glad serves in my town...

  • Can't help but wonder what the womans thought of attacking is.  Was the dog actually *trying* to attack the girl or did she just think it was.  Where was the owner while all this was happening and why was the dog out in the first place unattended?  Was it always running lose?

    Part of me questions if breed had anything to do with the cops decision!

    To me there looks like no reason to have shot the dog at all.  Poor pup.

  • It sucks that the dog was killed, & I wish that it would have been handled differently, but, IMO, it is the dog owner's fault that it happened.  Had the dog been contained, appropriately, it never would have been left in the police's hands.

    I am not a big police fan, but I really feel like it should be pointed out that these are police officers, not animal control officers.  They likely have minimal training, at best, in handling aggressive, & fearful dogs, & I seriously doubt that they are "experts" at reading the body language of a dog.  I really can't say that I blame them for handling it the way that they did.  If they feared for their safety, & with the dog fighting the catch pole, I can see where they would, then they did what the needed to do.

    Now, I have to say that I HATE owners of "dangerous breeds" or "dangerous breed mixes" who are not super vigilant at keeping their dogs contained.  I KNOW that if one of my dobes or boxers escape my yard & starts running through my neighborhood, they will likely be shot & killed by a neighbor.  They are "scary" breeds with a bad reputation, & a lot of people are terrified of them.  While I would be heartbroken if that were to happen, I would have nobody to blame but myself for not doing a better job of keeping them safe.

  • Thats terrible, I watched the video and.. those officers are just.. plain idiots. Wouldn't the catchpole itself prevent the dog from harming them?
  • That video was horrible! They had absolutely no reason to shoot that poor dog!

  •  The officers say she was trying to attack them when she was on the catch pole so they shot her. You can clearly see the dog was frighten to death with the catch pole before they got it on her and once she was caught she bite the pole out of fear. Yet they wait till she calms down and is just standing there to shoot her. There is no way the dog can bite either one of them while she is on the catch pole unless he drops it or loosens the cable.


     This quote from one of the cops.

    Howell testified that the dog growled as he tried to load it into a truck, that it later broke free from a chain tied to the vehicle and eventually charged as he tried to capture it with a six-foot catchpole.


    I've watched the video a few times and not once have I seen the dog break the chain. It sounds more and more like cops that don't understand body language of a dog. I still don't see how they couldn't get her into the back of the truck into a cage all they had to do with make a muzzle with the leash and good strong grip then shove her in since they said she was aggressive. I'm gotten unwilling dogs to go in a cage by myself that are larger then that dog.

  • What's unfortunate is I bet that if the dog in question had been, say, a Collie, it wouldn't have been shot.

    It seems clear (from what little I know) that the police did not understand the dog's behavior/language, were frightened by the dog, felt threatened by the dog, and so shot it out of a desire to protect themselves. Whether it's out of fear or not, a dog thrashing wildly around *is* scary, and if you don't understand that the dog is being fearful instead of "angry," well...

    It's very, very sad, but I can't blame the police officers too much. It would be great to educate the cops more on dog behavior, but where's the funding? And even a fearful dog can be aggressive... realistically, I think it's too much to ask these cops, who risk their lives for their jobs, to differentiate between fear-aggression (even towards a pole vs. human) and people-targeted aggression. And yes, the owner is responsible for ensuring the welfare/security of the dog...

    That said, it sure would have been nicer if the police had had a tranquilizer gun instead...

  • It is irrelevant what the womans thoughts were concerning whether or not the dog was actually *trying* to attack or not. You wanted her to wait and see if the dog was going to rip into her daughter?

    The dog was loose and the owner is an idiot. Sad that the dog has to pay for its owners irresponsibility, but that is a fact of life. Every damn day my wife has to deal with loose dogs menacing her Guide as she just tries to go about her business. Many times I have used pepper spray and a stun baton on said loose dogs....I will not wait until the dog actually attacks before taking preventive measures. Anyone menaced by a loose dog has the right to defend themselves, using whatever force is deemed necessary in doing so. To malign the police in this case is misdirected. Go after the owner of the dog. That is where the blame lies. Getting emotions involved simply distracts from what the real issue is: keep your mutt under your control, and this type of action will not occur. Simple. Easy. Effective.

    Nuff said.