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Help, Slugs?

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Help, Slugs?
  • So I’ve seen some really odd things but I have never see a slug in my life!  I have a citrus tree in a 10gal container in my office.  Being that it’s Friday and the weather is getting warmer I decided to water it a little more the usual. Well, I watered a little too much, the water overflowed and now there is a Slug on the pot!  It must have been hiding there from the nursery it came from. It’s way too dry in NM for these things so they are not that common.


    Now, I don’t mind creepy crawly things but I’m just amazed at this thing.  I don’t know what to do.  Can I touch it?  Should I remove it, what should I do with it?  Will there be more?  It looks like a snail without a shell. 


    So, I have two more hours of work, what should I do before the weekend? I have a huge window in my office with other plants along the ledge, should I be worried about the other plants?


  •  I have heard to put a saucer of beer nearby, and the slug will be attracted to it and drown.  Yeah, they are ugly critters...

  • I can’t have beer at work…

    Do I have to kill it?  It's almost kind of cute with its little antenna and I feel really bad killing anything.  I can’t even kill spiders or any type of insect.  Are they really a pest?  What would be the harm of leaving it alone or moving it somewhere else?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slug

    everything you wanted to know about slugs, or practically so!

  • I'd remove it, it might eat your plant (not sure though). My Mom pours salt on them to kill them.

  • According to Wiki, slugs can be detrimental to plants, so you might want to move it away from yours.




    everything you wanted to know about slugs, or practically so!

    It looks exactly like the one pictured on wiki!

    I guess I can move it outside but then again I don't want to introduce an invasive species.  I really don't think it will even survive outside in the desert.  So killing it might be the answer, salt?  Oh, I don't know, I am going to put it in a jar for now.

  • We've had a slew of slugs and snails this year.  They are eating everything!  When they started eating my newly planted orange tree, I had to take action.  We put dryer lint around the orange tree (its in a pot), but then they decided to climb up the lilies next to the tree and "dive" in over the lint, so we had to move the lint.  And we've been going out in the am and gathering up everything we find, one morning we had dog poop bags full of almost 100 snails.  They are awful!  They have killed so many of my plants!  The thought of putting salt kind of grosses me out but I might if I have to. 

  • Well, if you know an area with ducks, you could feed it to them (live, not salted) - then it won't be a "wasted" death.  Raccoons will eat them, but now that I think of it, I didn't see any coons in AZ. lol  So, I'd go with duck/geese or chickens.

  • miranadobe

    Well, if you know an area with ducks, you could feed it to them

    Good idea, there is a pond down the street, I'll stop there and empty my jar.  Thanks! 

    Ok, time for me to go home...

  •  Yup, get rid of it, you don't have to kill it, but get it off the plant. the slugs have been eating my freshly planted cabbage!! time to get out the beer!!

    I hate slugs. I remember stepping on them barefoot when I was a kid! YUCK!

  •  As a kid, my neighbors backyard was called slug city and we would sprinkle salt on them and then chop them in half. Evil, yes. But they're disgusting.

  • BlackLabbie

    My Mom pours salt on them to kill them.


    My oldest DS taught me about this. When the salt hits them, they melt.  They turn green and bubble out of the shell like some weird alien foam. If they don't have a shell, they just turn into green foam and melt wherever they are.


  • I would just let it go, under a wet log or something.  You can touch it but they are nasty.  Very slimy and sticky, plus the salt on your skin probably hurts them.  I've never liked salting them, it seems like a bad way to die, like a human burning alive.  Just find the dampest dark spot you can and if it dies on it's own, oh well.  I think they are kinda cute actually but too slimy to touch.  I used to have two large snails, basically a slug with a shell.  Sticky and Thomas Brown.

  •  Since you seem curious about the little one I was going to say yay, new pet, though I guess I'm rather strange since I don't find slugs ugly or disgusting.