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Yep, another killer bulldog--Hee Hee (lorib)

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Yep, another killer bulldog--Hee Hee (lorib)
  • So, I am sitting here at my desk, not really paying attention to what the fuzzies are doing, when I hear a cat growl and a slight hiss. Gypsy is trying to get Harvey to play with her rawhide.  I tell her to leave him alone and take her and Radar out to potty.  When they come back in, we all settle back down.  I notice Gypsy's chewing on her rawhide off to one side...and Radar has confiscated her blanket! He is curled up on the middle of it and she is completely unconcerned about him being in charge of her blankie! For the umpteenh time, I must tell strangers, "No, they weren't raised together! She gets along with everybody!"

  • Good girl, Gypsy!

  • What a sweetheart!

    Um, Gypsy?  Do ya need your noggin checked?  That silly cat doesn't want your slimy ole rawhide Stick out tongue

  • Way to go Gypsy!

  •  Silly Gypsy!

  • I bought her a new blanket today at the thrift store. Radar sat on it too.  Gypsy, OTOH, stood and looked at me an then at him.  "Mom, he's on MY bed again!  You won't let me get in HIS bed! It's not faaaiiir! (whine)"