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Ceramic Dog Bowls with Stand

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Ceramic Dog Bowls with Stand
  • It was recommended to us that Ari's stainless steel dog dishes may be part of the reason she keeps getting chin reactions (pimples and such) and a trusted vet tech there recommended going ceramic, as she did herself for her dog and it helped her dogs chin acne. That's great, but we'd also like to get a stand and it seems most companies design stands for stainless steel bowls!

    We found one company that offers ceramic bowls with stands but the large sized bowls with stand are about $100. We'd like to shop around some more, in case another company out there is a bit better priced.  I checked dog.com but didn't see any stands for ceramic bowls, unless I missed them.

    Anyone use stands with ceramic bowls or know of a good, reputable company that carries them?

  • Bevo was using these until his wobblers diagnosis.  I switched to stainless steel after the diagnosis because I found a stand that would adjust up higher to keep him from leaning over at all. 

  • That's strange, everywhere I have read and people I've talked to says its plastic bowls that cause the chin reactions/pimples, not the stainless ones. We've successfully switched dogs from plastic to stainless because of this....anway, I don't really know what options there are as I don't feed from bowls in stands, but just food for thought.

  • I've always heard the opposite about stainless steel bowls. Confused

  •  We actually had a stand made for my last dog, Toby that was designed for his height. The person who made it was actually a staff member's at the vets son. What about making one yourself? Or do you know anyone that can make stuff like that? Just a suggestion since right now, Simba doesn't have a stand just a place mat.

  • I have a cat that gets feline acne on her chin.  I feed her off of a lid, so regardless of the material, there's nothing for her chin to touch.  My dogs get fed on the carpet, on the grass, or in their crates with no bowls.  I don't even have a bowl for each dog, lol.

  • Try Ross or TJ Maxx! I saw some cool big dog bowls there the other day :)
  • Luvntzus

    I've always heard the opposite about stainless steel bowls. Confused

    Same here.  SS is what is always recommended to use in cases of acne.

  •  I too have heard the opposite before this, but the vet and vet tech are two people I trust for quite a bit. That said, Ari's stainless bowls have taken a beating and are dinged and battered from traveling and camping lol - so it would be nice to get some nicer looking ceramic bowls and a stand for her. We're doing a big shopping trip for Ari for a bunch of stuff, so we're throwing that in among the list.

    I love the ideas, I NEVER would have thought of TJ Maxx or Pottery Barn for any type of dog supply. 

    In all honesty, I think a lot more is going on with Ari systematically that needs to be addressed. I think her acne breakouts, recent other skin issues and her overall stomach issues might well be interconnected somehow. Nothing is so wrong its effected her quality of life, or causing me great worry - but it is stuff I would like to try to figure out and I'm not sure my regular vet is going to be the go to place for that. Their idea of fixing it is to have her on Science Diet I/D, which we use only during pukey episodes since it's so bland.

    I really do want a nice looking stand and bowl set for her though. The current setup is terrible looking and I do feel a little bad she has to sprawl her legs a bit sideways to get down to her bowl. 

  • Petsmart had a nice ceramic bowl/metal stand set last time we were in there...the bowls were good sized, too.

  • Max has ceramic bowls that came with a stand.  I got it from dog.com about three or four years ago and it sure wasn't anywhere near $100.  I think it was $30+ with shipping. The stand is one that comes with extensions so you can make it as high or as low as you want.  I keep them low, just about an inch or so off the wood floor.


  • I know that stainless is recommended rather than plastic.  I have seen cute stands with ceramic bowls at petsmart. 

  •  Foster and Smith has the ceramic bowls with stands.  I got one that was adjustable.  I don't know how much they normally go for, I got it on sale from the people who buy their overstock. 

     Stainless doesn't cause chin acne, they come from plastic bowls.  As the plastic breaks down, it releases 'stuff' and that coupled with the bacteria that gets into the bowls is what causes the acne.  In all likelihood when your vet changed the bowls, they changed something else too and that's more likely to have caused the improvement.  I've teched for a dermatology specialist, stainless doesn't cause the problem.   Nothing wrong with ceramic though, other than the fragility.  If you're sticking with stainless make sure you clean the bowls often.  That should help.

  •  Tootsie, due to her length and height, has SS bowls with a stand. I know, spoiled, huh?

  • Willow has bowls from this company.  They have stands and if you look in the merchandising section of the site under product highlights you will see they are made to FDA standards.


    I love this company's stuff too.  But, no stands.  But, I had to show you these bowls.  Willow's got the "blue dot" one.  I love it!