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Thighs getting numb burning and feels like pins and needles

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Thighs getting numb burning and feels like pins and needles
  • For years my thighs got numb but it didn't last long and it only happened maybe a few times a year but now its everyday also my backs been hurting as well, I walk my thighs get numb its both of them its the outer side of my thighs and the top its both of them but the right one will also burn right above my knee.

    I have no idea whats causing it I've told my doctors for years they have no idea and usually look at me like I'm stupid lol.  Anyone have suggestions on what might be causing it, When standing up and it happens I gotta sit for it to go away.  I was just making sauce and had to get the stool and sit to make it because I can't take the numbness and painful pins and needle feeling.

    I wonder if it has something to do with my back hurting it hurts in the middle of my back and a little to the left side of my spine as well, gonna make another appointment with my doctor and explain it to him maybe he got something else other than a strange look to give me.

  •  Sciatica came to mind right away.  Hopefully a doctor can narrow it down!

  •  Ask for a referral to an orthopedic specialist.  It sounds like nerve pain, possibly from pressure of a ruptured disc...been there.  They can take an Xray to see what is causing it.  Good luck!

  • Does it happen after exercising (even just walking), or after sitting for a while?  In other words, what were you doing before the tingling/burning in your legs happened?

  • It happens even walking I gotta stop and sit down for it to go away but as soon as I start to walk again it does it, it always does it while I sit as well but not as much when I sit down, I can't squat I try but it's very painful on my knees since my surgery in 2007.  I mean its getting worse that I gotta sit on a stool to cook something in the kitchen.

    Thanks I'm gonna try and see if someone can help it's painful and actually very annoying

  • I thought Sciatica at first, but typically with Sciatica it's worse when sitting. It does sound like a nerve issue. There are a number of different tests they can do to try and determine the source of the problem. Hopefully you have insurance. I hope you get relief soon!
  • nope -- my sciatica is only when I'm standing or walking NOT when I'm sitting -- at least not unless I'm in totally the wrong chair.

  • Problem is no insurance so most of the time I don't even keep on to my doctor because only so much he can do it even happens when I'm laying down, but sitting up usually makes it go away but I also get it sitting down but not as much.


  • Not to scare you but numbness and tingling was the first symptom of my MS, which is an auto-immune nerve disorder.  Then it went to double vision in my left eye, then the whole right side of my body felt like it was on fire.  And now, the main symptoms I have are numbness, tingling and that on fire feeling in my legs and feet.  Since you don't have insurance, just keep an eye on it and if you notice the symptoms changing or moving, let your doctor know.  While MS isn't something that's an emergency to treat, the faster it's diagnosed and treated, the better your outcome.

  • MS was my first thought also, my Mom has MS and although its been a long time since she was diagnosed I do remember she also had the numbing, tingling problem.   My Mother in law has had this problem as well and it was back related.