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Lemon Eucalyptus for dogs?

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Lemon Eucalyptus for dogs?
  • Nikon is a constant victim of fly strike.  It doesn't seem to bother the other dogs, and the vet said it is not rare for them to only go after one.  He is missing some hair on his ears.  She gave me this goop that's like animal bug repellent.  We're going on vacation for 2 weeks and the dogs will be sleeping/crated either in the van (totally opened up) or in the basement which is cement, dirt floor, more like a cellar.  Both places will have bugs, as does the forest in general when they are out running around.  My plan was to squeeze the goop into a spray bottle so I can spray his ears once a day, but I just read the label and it is toxic for fish.  Normally I wouldn't care *hides* but this is a smaller lake, not the ocean or Great Lakes, a lake very important to my family and I would not feel right with my dogs shedding toxic chemicals into it.

    Now for myself I use a lemon eucalyptus spray and lotion.  It has a potent smell (like a citronella candle) but works better than any other product I've used including Muskol and deep woods Off.  Since it is supposed to be "natural", is it OK to use this on Nikon's ears?  Will the smell drive him mad?  I use it on myself so he has to smell *me* all day!

    Here you can see what I mean.  He's missing hair along the edges and used to have scabs on the back but it's been getting better since I can put repellent on.  As you can see, they don't touch Kenya. It's weird b/c I've never seen a fly on Nikon, only him scratching at it, but the vet said it's fly strike.

  •  I use this stuff called Cut Heal on my LGDs that have flystrike problems (actually, it's only Tully now). They typically get it on the nose, so it has to be safe and not something palatable or they will lick it off. It's got fish oil, linseed oil, tea tree oil, and balsam of fir and that's it. It repels and heals nicely, too.

  • Liesje
    Nikon is a constant victim of fly strike.


    Liesje:  excuse my ignorance, but what is fly strike??


    Deb W.

  • It means flies bite him and chew on his ears, so he is missing skin/fur from the bites and all the itching.  You mostly see it with outdoor dogs, they can have their ears literally chewed.  Nikon's an indoor dog but he is out for several hours while I'm home (I open the back door and the dogs go in and out as they pleased).

  • Wow - that sounds painful !!  Thanks for the info.


    Deb W.

  • I have used both lemon and eucalyptus essential oils on mine (not together but in other things) with no problem - I clean with lemon oil regularly. 

    I use a little Skin So Soft oil (not the Avon bug spray but literally the bath oil) occasionally -- bugs hate it.

  • calliecritturs
    ...I use a little Skin So Soft oil (not the Avon bug spray but literally the bath oil) occasionally -- bugs hate it.

    I tried SSS way back in the '80s (the original bath oil stuff), but stopped using it when I realized it attracted gnats.  Liesje, would plain old Vaseline work?  Or Bag Balm.  Before I knew about Bag Balm, I would put some Vaseline on the tips of our Siberian/GSD's ears if the flies bit him.  It didn't repel the flies, etc, but it did protect the ears from being bit.

  • Lies, I have been spraying Thor with the Lemon Eucaliptus spray I bought for me. Mosquitoes bite him and left little bumps in his head, now he is almost healed and doesn't seem to mind the smell at all. He gets all excited with the spray, because he knows he's going out ~lol~ he sneezes, of course at the moment, but after is like he has nothing.

    My female cat loves the smell though, I thought it was used to repel cats too Stick out tongue

  •  I forgot to mention that you can find Cut Heal at any tack shop or feed store. If you get really desperate (and I can see his ears are really getting nibbled), there's this stuff called Stockholm Pine Tar. Like the Cut Heal, it's both repellant and healing. It's not really tar like the stuff they put on roads. It's really concentrated fir balsam. It smells really gross! But one application should stop the attraction cycle (once the flies hit and get an inroad, it attracts more flies until you stop the cycle).

    This is how awesome this stuff is. I bought a couple of young rams and around breeding time, they started fighting. One day I went out, and one ram had a hole literally knocked in his head! there was just a membrane where I guess his sinus would be - you could see him breathe. 

    Well, you don't call out a vet for a sheep that costs $50 to replace. It would even cost $75 to take him to the butcher. So, I knew his biggest problem would be infection, and fly strike. I started giving him tons of antibiotics, and poured on the Stockholm tar. About every two days I went out and repeated. After a week, the whole thing was filled in with tissue, and by the next week, skin was starting to grow over the area again. Four weeks later, the only way you could tell him from his murderous buddy, was the brown stains all over his head from the tar!

    I need to get a new bottle (I use it during shearing and we'll be starting again next week). If you want, I can send you a dab in a little container, as that's all you need for the rest of the year, most likely. Then after you break the cycle, a simple repellent will probably work - my guard dogs wear fly repellant collars and that works perfectly.

  • What's Lemon Eucalyptus? Is it a species of Eucalypt that smells like lemon or lemon and Eucalpypt oil? Or something else?

    I used Lemon-scented Teatree on Penny to stave off the fleas. It definitely helped, but she hated the smell of it. She got used to it, though.