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dumb ? - what is that bump on dog's head

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dumb ? - what is that bump on dog's head
  • OK what do you call that bump some dogs have on their head?
    Is it common to certain breeds?
    If you're wondering Bugsy has always had it but it is getting more and more prominent.  i call it his idiot bump.
    I'm surprised that it is getting more prominent as I figured he was pretty much physically mature ( nearing 2 yrs old)
  • It's called an occipital protuberance.

    We call Conrad's his ushnisha (I'll leave that for all interested parties to wiki) and he's got at CHAMPION one. It's one of the things that first clued me in to his possibly having bloodhound in him.
  • I use to tell everyone it was Duke's little bump of "wisdom".
  • LOL, just like Conrad's bump [;)]

    I call my dogs' bump the balpeen hammer (sp) because I'm often reminded of its existence when it delivers a stunning blow to my head or lip.

  • Beau's got one too - I think it runs in hounds...

    It's also known as the "Saggital Crest".
  • Here it's the 'dumb bump'. lol...
  • It serves as an attachment site for muscles.  That's why it's usually more prominent on dogs with stronger jaws.  If you ever get a chance, look at a wolf skull, it's huge on them!
  • I've heard it called a "smart bump" and "intelligence bump." I believe it, because Rupert has one. [:D]
  • A very prominent, pointy occipital peak is in the bloodhound breed standard, and we all know how smart dem dogs are! 
  • well thank you everyone clearly Bugsy is getting smarter and smarter LOL
    We've always known that he has amazing jaw strength so it all makes sense
    and I have believed that he has part hound in him and it does seem to be present in most hounds

    one of life's mysteries for me has been solved  - [sm=dance.gif]
  • I use to call it Madi's slestack point.  Remember the slestacks from the land of the lost?  She had a very large point until she was around 6.  When she finally broke the 70lbs barrier.
  • Kenya has a huge bump on her head and everyone makes fun of her because it makes her look, well, "special."  She's pit bull mixed with god knows what. I guess that explains it then. My excuse for it was, I don't know what it is, but Pluto has one!
  • Max has a pretty pronounced one.  It never occurred to me that maybe there's a little "hound" in his mix. [:D]
  • ORIGINAL: janobonano

    I've heard it called a "smart bump" and "intelligence bump." I believe it, because Rupert has one. [:D]

    Thank you for putting it in a way that even I can understand![:)]
  • Try lightly massaging it most times. My dogs love it! There's also an accupressure point there.
    Tasha has a really big one like they squished too many brains into her head.