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Urgent question about "bruising" after surgery

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Urgent question about "bruising" after surgery
  • Our dog Phoebe (she's a 10 year old beagle lady) had surgery yesterday. The vet removed 2 mammary gland tumors and 2 nipples.

    She's acting fine but in the last couple of hours these bright red spots have appeared around the incision. Not directly on the incision or by the stitches but around the wound. They were smaller at first. I called the vet and he said that it was normal for the area to develop some bruising and not to worry. It's getting bigger though.

    Is this just normal bruising? Anybody have any experience with this?

    I'll try to post a few pictures, they're loading on my computer as I type this.

    I'd appreciate any help. I think that I'll definitely head back to the vet as soon as they open 11.5 hours from now, but do I need to see the emergency vet?

    Nadine & Phoebe

  • Ok, here are the pics.

    First, yesterday, the day of the surgery


    Today at 5 o'clock, I called the vet immediately after this


    This is the picture I took about a half hour ago



    Like I said, she acts fine. She's on antibiotics and pain medication. She was very sore yesterday but acts like her happy little self again (since this afternoon).

    I am really worried, DH is trying to convince me that it's nothing but to me it doesn't look that way!




  • I wish I could help you, maybe you can send an e-mail to the vet with the pics??

    I hope is nothing wrong, I'm sending my healing vibes to Phoebe.

  • From the mammary gland tumor surgeries I've seen, that area does seem to bruise a lot.  That said, if it continues, I'd have her seen, just to be safe. That she's acting like her normal self is a good sign

  • I know you're worried and I know what that's like, but honestly, the pics look fine to me. The cutting and all that she went thru such a short time ago are certainly going to cause some bruising, but I don't see anything to be worried about. I hope she continues to heal nicely.

  • don't they use some sort of instruments to also hold back skin and such during ops? In Susie's sections they had metal clampy things on either side kinda "holding her open"...I dunno it almost looks like since it's all along the sides...that could be it?

    Hope all is well tho and so sorry she needed to get surgery. Glad she is doing well as far as eating a happy etc.

  • Bruising is definitively to be expected.  Ari just had abdominal surgery and they told us if we saw bruising not to panic that it was normal.  I am not a professional but I wouldn't worry too much if she seems to be acting fine and eating well.  If your worried, call up the vet.  I would imagine they would be more than happy to talk over the phone or have you bring her in so they can take a look.  
  • Good news. I took her to the vet this morning. He said that it looks the way it should, it might even get worse than this. Ouch!

    This morning it was "leaking" a little bit of clear fluid as well, he said that's normal also. I feel better now that she's been checked on.

    I've never had a female dog before so any kind of surgery like this is new to me. I really hope that she won't have to go through anything like this again. They sent both tumors to the lab and hopefully we'll have results early next week.

    Cross your fingers for good news!!! She's such an awesome dog and we're very lucky to have her.

    When people think twice about having their dog spayed they should look at her. She's 10 years old now and has to deal with this surgery and tumors that could've been prevented almost 100% had she gotten spayed when she was young.

    Here's a picture of my old baby girl Phoebe (on the left) and her younger "brother" Joey.


    Thanks for all of your answers, you really made me feel better!


  •  Nadine glad your vet alleived your worries!  My fingers are definitively crossed that you'll get good news.  I hope Phoebe feels better soon.

    Also that picture with her and Joey is too darn cute.  They both look like sweethearts!

  • So good to know she is doing better!! Fingers and paws crossed here for good results.

  • nadinetreadway

    When people think twice about having their dog spayed they should look at her. She's 10 years old now and has to deal with this surgery and tumors that could've been prevented almost 100% had she gotten spayed when she was young.

    I'm SO glad you've said this -- I've seen so many people who are so reluctant to allow a female to be spayed and they just don't think about what could happen later on.  My ex wouldn't allow me to neuter one of our dogs (Foxy the Mostlie Sheltie R.I.P.) and I couldn't neuter him until the ex was gone.  But in that time he developed a perianal hernia which was a HUGE surgery and wouldn't have needed to be done at all had he been neutered young.  *sigh*

  • Thanks so much for posting those pics - my dog had almost exactly the same problem with bright red bruises and I was SO worried. I didn't know if he was licking the wound area when I wasn't around. But after seeing your pictures, I left them alone and they resolved on their own. It took about about five days after surgery (for a lipoma with muscle involvement).

  • Glad it helped you!!! I'm also glad you were looking -- people don't realize but "bruising" can be a really bad thing if it's not contained to *one* place. We've had a lot of folks float by who have dogs with IMT (immune-mediated thrombocytopenia) -- that's where the dog's own immune system is attacking its own platelets. That starts out usually seen as "bruising" or little red dots -- but it's not in *one* place like a recent surgical site, but either all over the belly, sometimes in the eyes, or ears -- anywhere you can see skin. That's literally an emergency (because they can be bleeding internally). But watching it since it was at the surgical site was smart! Glad the thread (old as it is) helped you. We'd love to see you back!