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Do you carry water on walks for your dog?

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Do you carry water on walks for your dog?
  • I would like suggestions on ways you carry water on walks for your dog.  Right now I must walk in the early morning and at night and it's still so hot.  I do not carry water on neighborhood walks. My cairn jumps right into his wading pool when we get home.  If I hike in a park (no river or lake) I carry a small plastic bowl and a small water jug for the both of us.  Is their anything you use that is easier? 

  • By myself on short walks, I carry 1 bottle of water in a fanny pack (I can't wear anything around my neck or over my shoulders) and a tiny plastic storage container (2x3") that he can just fit his mouth into.   If I'm going out for more than 1 hour, I can stuff 2 bottles of water in the pack.  Beyond that, I need to know where we're going to get water.

  •  Both of my dogs know how to drink out of a squirt bottle.  Right now, I have to carry them, but when I get around to it and they get backpacks, they'll pack their own water.

  • I always have water on me, but I can't carry anything at all heavy.  If you look around you will often see little tiny 1 cup water bottles - I just save one for use when I have to carry water. 

     Also -- nothing says you have to FILL the bottle!!  Just carry what you will need - it's lighter that way.

    Target and Wal-mart as well as the dog supply stores carry a collapseable bowl that folds flat as a thin billfold.  But even those little glad containers (even the 1/4 cup size) can be sufficient for a short drink depending on how big the dog is.

  • A friend gave me a collapsable bow, but I usually don't bring it with me.  The big dog park has a dog/people water fountain, and walking through the park there are almost always puddles from the sprinklers. We don't really go that far for that long.


  • We walk early in the am and late in the pm.  We walk in a wooded area and I usually bring a bottle of water and a folding bowl.  I make my husband carry it.  I used to make Sam carry it in his doggie backpack but I don't put the backpack on him in the summer.   The wooded area is part of the public park so there are also a couple water fountains if I need one.

  • When we all go out together (5 dogs, 2 people) carry 3 qt. bottles of water for the dogs and 2 bowls.  Then usually another 2 drinks for us.  We don't always use it all and they probably don't need it all, but I'd rather have it than not.  We put it all in a back pack that DH carries.  When me and Co-Co go biking I just fill the bottle that attaches to the bike.  We share that because she'll let me just squirt it in her mouth and I can do the same for me.  I'd like to get a bigger one though b/c we completely drained that and I feel better having some left over.   I'm one of those who worries about not having enough.

  • At Petsmart I saw this water bottle shaped just like the Poland Spring bottles with the sport cap and it has a little pan type dish that attached to it.  And, it has a clip to clip onto your belt loop.  I tried to post a link with a picture but it wouldn't let me.  It's call the Handi drink.

  • No, I don't usually carry anything but poop bags and maybe a cell phone.  Our walks are usually 3.5 mils or so, just an hour long and we don't go if it's over 85 or so because the dogs don't even enjoy that.  At home dogs have free access to a water bucket (we don't use bowls, use a large bucket).  If we go to a show, trial, or to the park to play, I do take a jug of water and large bowl.  At the training club - indoors and out - there are several water buckets, bowls, and pools for the dogs. 

  • If we take dogs in a vehicle we have water.....99% of the outdoor activities are in the woods by a river.......

  • Because of the heat, we are having to walk early in the morning & late in the evenings.  We always carry water on walks.  We have a Handi Drink that works well if we only have a dog or two with us.  If we have all five, then we carry 2-3 quarts along with a collapsible bowl. 

  • In the heat, I do carry water for Buddy.  My friend gave me this bottle when I first got Buddy.  She never used it for her dog.


    Sorry, I'm having problems with photobucket tonight. 

    Both people and dogs can drink out of it.  The straw bends and you squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl. 


  • I do. I use the Water Rover. Handy thing, tip it horizontally, it fills up and doesnt overflow, and then just tip the extra water back into the bottle!
  • if it's hot we only walk where there are lots of creeks and ponds.

  •  It depends on the walk. Most of our walks have rivers or ponds so I don't carry water. For really long hikes or hikes without a water source, I carry water for myself in my camel back and a couple bottles of water in the backpack part of my camel back along with a portable water dish for the dogs. I love love love my camel back mule.