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How to get a dog to howl

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How to get a dog to howl
  • The barking thread got me thinking. Is there anyway to teach a dog to how? l I would love to teach my dogs to howl on command, but neither of mine will do it at all. I've tried howling myself, singing off key, playing youtube videos of dogs howling... I've never had a dog that wouldn't do it, and now I have 2. Any ideas? They both bark on command already.

  •  LOL I can get Bugsy to howl - by playing trumpet or trombone - in fact if I take the case out he starts getting ready to let loose.

    He is soooooooooo loud I can't even hear myself play

    now if he would just bark Huh? 

  • I can get Zoe to howl just by howling myself.  It becomes a duet!  My in-laws beagle would do the same.  Maybe it's a hound thing?

  •  Mwahahahahaahahahah!   Send him to the vet at the same time that my dogs are there!  They had the entire room full of dogs howling in a beautiful chorus(at least to my ears, only being there for the tail end of it of course) within I'm told minutes of coming out of anesthesia.  Oddly enough only Crusher will sing with me, Onyx plays dumb, but she sang at the vet.

  •    Pick up a harmonica.  My terriers would howl once in a while at trombone or trumpet, rare occasions with electric guitar, the harmonica gets them going every time.

       My wife hates it so much I probably shouldn't be passing this along.


  • Apollo is a howler when the fire sirens go off...he wants to be a fire truck when he grows up Stick out tongue

  • BlackLabbie

    Apollo is a howler when the fire sirens go off...he wants to be a fire truck when he grows up Stick out tongue

    Shailer does the same thing and he also howls at the train, and at motorcycles. I have tried to teach him how to howl too but he just won't do it. The real thing has to be passing by I tried youtube siren but nothing, tv nothing, myself nothing.  

  • I could get KayCee t howl ju by howling.  None of my oter dogs have ever done that.  KayCee also howled at sirens for real or on TV--and since I watch a lot of cop shows, she did a lot of howling.

  • Find a kid who plays the oboe badly, and any dog will howl....

  • Haha that's cute miranadobe.

    Go buy a siren at a gift store and then train your dog to "speak" when the siren goes off. After awhile your dog will associated the command speak with howling. Good luck!

    Brownie-howls when the fire truck or ambulance or tornado sirens. but the weird thing is he doesn't howl for a police car. idk why

     Cuddles, Possum, Baxter, Bailey- don't howl at anything

  • Yep - hang out near the firehouse!  Oliver will howl when he hears the sirens.  It puts me on the floor laughing because he has only howled a couple times and each time it sounds like it is his first attempt - very warbley (SP?) and unsure of himself.  After a while, he gets into it and matches the pitch of the siren.  By the end of it, I'm crying with laughter...

  • Our neighbors dogs all howl at the sirens (fire, ambulance, whatever).  All of a sudden, Jada decided to join them one day.  Twice, now, Achilles has joined, too!  Totally shocking, and only in the last 2 months of the 4 years BF has owned him and lived here.

    Gracie never howls.

  • miranadobe

    Find a kid who plays the oboe badly, and any dog will howl....



      Good Lord, my sister played oboe for a bit when we were kids, it made me howl.


  • Right?!  My sister played, too, and it was the only thing that made our Dobe/Bluetick Coonhound howl.

  • LOL, My nephew plays the clarinet. Maybe that will work. They bark at sirens, but wont howl!