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Dog gave birth to dead puppy?

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Dog gave birth to dead puppy?
  • Okay, first off, this is probably going to get me flamed.  So before that starts, please just let me say this isn't my dog, I don't like the situation, but I do not have a say in this, I am simply asking for advice and not to be yelled at, which will really not help anything.

    Now, my BF's parents have 3 out door dogs, 3 females and a male.  They are not fixed (I know, first not good thing).  They keep them separated from the male, however when the females are in heat.  They are very very vigilant about it, so the pregnant female must have gotten pregnant by another dog.

    Anyway, she wasn't showing that she was pregnant, but this morning BF called and said she had a dead puppy.  The puppy was born dead.  I am just wondering, because we can't get near her without her growling and nearly biting us, but she is licking the dead puppy and keeping it warm.  How will we tell if she is going to have more than one?

    Again, please do not flame me because of this situation.  I know already how this isn't good etc. 

  • Take her to the vet.... dead puppies may be indications of other things that went wrong.  There could be any number of reasons and only a vet can really check out all the possiblities.

  • We have been trying all day to get near her to take her, but she nearly bites our faces off.  We don't know how to get her out of her house to get her there.  Also, yesterday she was a little bit chunky looking, but now she is back to her normal looking self.  I am so confused

  • Unless she is a small dog, I would guess there are more in there. I think a vet trip is needed.

  • She is part american eskimo part something else, she is about a 20lb dog.

    I agree about the vet, but we can't get at her, is there anything we can do until she will come around engouh for us to grab her?

  • If the dog won't let you near her there isn't much you can do. Newborns need a very warm temperature at first, so they are probably doomed if you can't get the momma inside. Sometimes a bitch will have a lone puppy. A skilled breeder or vet could palpate momma's belly and tell if there are more pups there. To be absolutely certain you need ultrasound. I really don't know what can be done without medical intervention and force if the bitch is snapping at you.

  • I posted at the same time as you. Have you called the vet to get her opinion on what to do? Maybe she could make a house visit? Eventually you are going to need to get the pup away from her.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. Hopefully more people will come along with more suggestions.

  • The doghouse she is in has a heater, and BF and I put blankets and such in with her, as close as we could.

    I am just so distraught, the puppy was so so so tiny!

    Is it normal that a dog would have only one?

  • If she is alittle dog then you an throw a towel or blanket over her and pick her up wrapped in that. A larger dog you could try to slip a leash over her and try to control her then.

    I also recomend taking her to the vet, just to make sure there is not an infection or other dead puppies inside her.

  • I would consider calling animal control to see if they would come out with a catch pole so she could be collected and popped in a crate.  Dont know if they can help, but it would be worth a try.

    A less safe option is to capture her in a blanket or canvas tarp... Problem is you will not be able to gain contrl as easily and the struggle might end up hurting folks.

     If you have a confined area, enough people and plywood, you might be able to "pressure" her to an openning that has a crate ready to enter.  This is all about slow movement, quiet voices and calm deliberate actions.

     Since she is in a dog house, you might be able to place a crate at the openning and "tip" her into the crate.

  • Salems Mom, you are being so helpful, thank you so much.  On Saturdays the vet is closed, so we would have to take her to the Evet and they don't make house calls, and his house is waaaay up in the boonies

  • I don't know if we will be able to get close enough to her to throw a blanket over her to grab her without her freakign out.  I will rty AC and see if they might come out, but AC overhere really doesn't do much, they are all very rude


    ETA:  AC won't come out

  • I have nothing to add.  I think you definitely have to get her to the vet; one way or another.  I'm sending good vibes for the mama.  I hope there's nothing serious with her & that maybe your BF's folks will consider spaying her.  PLEASE know that I am in no way trying to be mean.  You have my full support, for what that's worth.  ((HUGS))

  • I know, I want them to get all their dogs fixed, believe me, but I am not in the position to tell them what to do.  They are country folk, and people that live in the boonies in this area don't do that sort of thing.  It is unforuntate.

    We are looking in on her every 15 - 20 minutes.  SHe is still very protective

  • I know you're doing the best you can.