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Poop talk
  • Was wondering if anyone out there has the same experience with their dog. When Boomer does his business he does it on an instalment plan. Meaning he'll stop 2, 3 and sometimes 4 times to poop.  His first poop and and 2nd poop is good (firm, dark). But his 3rd and 4th is usually soft and light colour.  Is this normal for dogs who like to poop in stages?
  • I don't know the answer, but I also have a Serial Pooper in the house. And it's exactly as you describe: the first ones are firm and dark and then they just get progressively ickier. He'll usually go twice on a walk, but sometimes three times. I'm also interested in getting the poop on the poop.[;)]
  • I have had this problem also. At first, my cocker spaniel had it as a puppy. We switched his food to a higher quality and he was then pooping normally, 2-3 times a day, firm stool each time. Then it started again but got much worse with full-blown diarrhea. Took him to the vet. Said it was giardia and that it was probably giardia earlier too. Put him on a week of metronidazole and it cleared up. Not sure if that was an accurate diagnosis as it still happens from time to time but nothing major. I'd like to hear what others have to say on this also.
    I subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal and they are having an article on "Dog Poo - Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask" coming up. Hopefully, it will shed some light on the problem.
  • Our dog will also do this.  Actually a couple will, off and on and at random.  <shrug>  Shadow will do this on a long walk.  Her first 2 are normal and the last is kind of soft at the end.  Not sure what that's all about.  The others don't do that as much.  Sometimes I wonder if they can *make* themselves poop to sort of mark their area, and so the softer stuff at the end isn't fully formed yet?  Or that's my theory at least.  Shadow is a big marker (female even) so she likes to poop at least 3 times on a walk, but in the yard, barely once a day. [8|]
  • I know that if Xerxes feels like he's going to be running, he'll clean out his bowels completely.  He'll take two or three BMs and then he's off.  I think it has something to do with the adrenal system- the fight or flight reflex.  Perhaps on these walks, the dogs feel like they need to be ready to do either? 

    Also remember that a dogs intestinal tract is not like ours.  Their system has shorter straighter intestines, therefore the food doesn't digest as completely as ours.  So could they have conscious control over their BMs?  It's possible.
  • Jake does the same thing. He used to just poop once, but over the past several months, he's taken to pooping two or three times during walks. The first poops are nice and firm, but the last poop will be more mushy and occationally has a sort of "gravy" around it (either gooey poop or a disgusting mucus-like substance).
    I like that theory about dogs being able to poop at will and that the reason the later poops are mushy like they are is because they aren't fully formed yet. Interesting, I hadn't heard that before.
  • I would have your vet run a fecal on your dog just to rule out any possible parasites.
  • Mine only poop once on a walk - but sometimes Wes' start out well formed and become less formed at the end of the poop.
    My mom's beagle is a serial-pooper but they're all well formed.
  • It's bad...but I totally have experience in this area! [:-]
    My last dog (male Labrador Retriever) would usually poop on a walk (nice and formed), if he hadn't already after his meal. Either way, he would mark his territory by urinating. Well, when he ran out of urine...he would actually "mark" with his poop! [:(] And that is when it was soft and runnier. It was so weird! Always made me embarrased when I was walking him with someone (especially a guy) and he would do this. Because usually I had already picked up his poop and used the plastic bag...but now I would have to re-open the bag and try and scoop up this mushy poo! [sm=crazy.gif] It was actually really funny...because he would do ANYTHING to mark his territory...and I mean anything...poop and all!
    He was also a funny boy because when he did poo he would walk and go at the same time! Kinda just keep moving forward...what a weirdo! Not only that, he would also lift his leg like he was going to mark on a bush...and then poop with his leg lifted up...I kinda liked that because then people driving by thought he was peeing...when he was really pooping! [sm=rofl.gif]
    Oh man...kind of tearing up talking about this...he was such a great dog and never failed to make me laugh...even talking about his pooping habits! I sure do miss him.[sm=sad.gif]
  • Every poop that Sofia does is a mark for other dogs to see. She's not a serial pooper, though. She goes and finds the most advantageous spot to advertise, does her thing and then she's ready to go walking or back into the house or whatever.

    They like to put it up as high as they can, too. She'll try to poop on top of a bush....pretty entertaining!
  • These are all interesting theories.  I agree with everything people have said about the possibility of it being a 'marking' thing, or them trying to get everything out knowing that they're going for a walk/run.  The same thing happens where when we go for a walk he has 2 to 3 BM but at home in the backyard only 1 and thats it.  Thanks all.  I love it that all us dog owners are so concerned and knowledgable about our furry kids BM.
  • Ha ha! I know - I swear - my dog friends and I spend more time analyzing the various body fluids from our dogs than we do anything else. *giggle*  It's nice that we're not the only ones! [:D]
  • My husband is a retired cop and one of his friends was a 25 yr canine cop who told me that when they sniff a lot it sends their adrenaline into overdrive and that makes them poop (happens to humans too)
    Anyway theres some potential for that to be a factor
  • It's true...I think we should have a forum dedicated to just poo talk...[:D]
    Excitement/anxiety and holding it too long can cause it as well as holding it too long.
    Not sure what else as far as every day occurence. Happens to Casey as well. We changed her food to see if that would help.
  • Beau poops once. But the spot has to be perfect. And I mean PERFECT. He will search for 5 minutes if he has to. Then he spins in circles about 10 or 11 times. It goes from firm to soft.
    Sasha on the other hand could care less. She would probably poop on my feet if I let her.