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bad breath and losing teeth

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bad breath and losing teeth
  • Can losing teeth cause breath to be waayyyyy stinky??  Baileys breath never smelled bad, but lately its horrible.  Can losing teeth do this?
    Ive heard it can signal intestinal problems.  Kaylas breath smelled unusually bad right before she died, I mentioned it to the vet before her IV treatment and she said it could be because of her pancreatitis. 
  • You mean the baby teeth right?  I wouldn't think it would cause bad breath, but I guess it could.  Has there been any change in diet?  Have you tried giving a marrow bone or something to help clean the teeth?  If you're not comfortable giving a bone, can you brush them?  I'd want to try to get a look inside just to make sure there's no dental problems.  If the mouth looks okay, I'd be thinking about the diet.
  • If breath is bad and it is not the teeth, is it still a medical issue - or just stinky?
  • Yeah maybe she is sick or something if her breath is so bad. Jetta has never had a breath problem and if she all of a sudden did i would probably take her to the vets. I really think yogurt helps with bad breath-I read that from somewhere and it does work.
  • Yep. Losing puppy teeth causes rotten nasty breath;)
  • Yep. Losing puppy teeth causes rotten nasty breath;)

    It does!!  Really!  That would make me feel soooooo much better!  Thank you!
    I gave her a raw knuckle bone just in case... 
  • I would think that losing teeth would NOT necessarily equate to bad breath unless there was an infection present. A foul or "off" odor would be a signal to me that something is wrong. Is there any swelling in Bailey's mouth? Sometimes baby teeth coming out, or adult on the way in - will abscess causing an odor.
  • I've heard this is very common and Boomer's breath was horrid while he was teething.

    Sorry about the source, but at least this should make you feel a little better -http://www.puppychow.com/Grooming/Pet_Odor.aspx

    Teething puppies often have bad breath, but this is usually normal and passes after teething is completed.
  • Thanks...  I was worried and did check her gums and everything looks fine... then I thought maybe it was her losing teeth.  It doesnt seem like it would cause that, but Im glad thats probably all it is.  She has big girl front teeth now, and the ones next to those are loose... the "fang" babys are still firmly in place, but I think those are last to go at around 6 months [:)]  
  • It's SOOOOOO cute when the big teeth start to come in!   I do NOT miss those razor sharp baby teeth at all! 
  • bad breath could be a sign of something  going on. I  would take her to the vet too see if everything is ok... Better safe then sorry!
  • I had the same problem with Lucy when all she had left to lose were her "fangs" too...I was really worried as well. Very bad breath. But from what I could tell, one was loose but hadn't completely fallen out, so the inside of the loose tooth was exposed and started to smell horribly. But a few days later the tooth fell out and no more bad breath.
    But if you are very concerned, I wouldn't hesitate taking a trip to the vet either.
  • At Bailey's age I wouldn't worry so much about the stinky breath. Bad breath is common with puppies that are losing their teeth. Also puppies LOVE to eat very stinky things.. ugh!

    If Bailey were older like over the age of 4 yrs I would definitely be concerned. Bad dog breath is a very common indicator that they are having dental issues like gingivitis or periodontal disease. Check your dog's teeth, if you see plaque buildup your dog needs a dental. Check your dog's gums, if the gumline where the gum meets the tooth is red or inflammed, your dog needs a dental ASAP or the low grade gingivitis will progress into periodontal disease [&:] Then you will be dealing with lost teeth, infections, suceptibility to serious diseases and some crazy bad stinky breath.