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Apple Core and Seeds Help

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Apple Core and Seeds Help
  • Ari just snagged an apple core with the seeds about a nanosecond after the SO placed it on the counter and turned his head for a split second. I know seeds are toxic, but is the amount of seeds in one core harmful? She just ate it, so if need be we can induce vomiting - though all parties involved would like to avoid that scenario. 

  •  i didnt know they were toxic until recently - i almost made a thread about this last week - i dont know if its amount (like onions and chocolate) but dogs i've had in the past have chewed up and eaten apple cores.


    i say best bet is to watch her closely, but others here might have more info than i do.

  • Patty has snagged so many apple cores out of the trash, off the table, out of my hand (yikes!), and she's been fine. Her absolute favorite reward are apples (we train her with little diced apple pieces, no core/seeds). We definitely don't give them to her, but she has grabbed more than a few during apple season no issues.

  •  yeah that was my concern last week. the kids love to eat apples and i dont mind if they give pieces to the dogs(if we buy green apples they will bite off the skin and give it to the dogs) but when i saw my youngest hand the core to the dog i took it because i had heard a snippet of info that the seeds were toxic(i forget the poison , arsenic maybe?)

  • Nearly ALL seeds have some arsenic in them -- pits, too (like crack open & sniff a peach pit sometime - you can SMELL the almond-smell of the arsenic)

    It is a quantity thing - but it's also CUMULATIVE so really don't think "oh it's only one core today ..."

    Back in "olden days" (1600 - 1800's) one of the FAVORITE ways of knocking someone off was to feed them small doses of arsensic daily -- eventually you get a bedridden invalid who has muscle spasms and who ultimately dies --

     So honestly, it's BEST to explain to the kids that the dog can NOT have the seeds and show them how to break the core in half and pick out and THROW AWAY the seeds before they give it to the dog!!

  •  i walk on the side of caution lol not to worry, but yes i did tell the boys not to give the core to the dog.

    its weird too, when you mentioned almonds, peaches and almonds are related. but i do know peach stones are toxic. i learned that when i owned rats. i read the list of things NOT to feed a pet rat and peach stones were on that list because of arsenic. and i felt bad because - years before we had the easy access internet research of today, when i was a kid - i had a pet hamster and i would always give him the stone to chew on.

  • You probably don't have to induce vomiting but I'd call your vet or one of those emergency vets and ask.  Hope Ari is OK--she's such a little angel :)


  •  I probably wouldn't induce vomiting, I'd just give her some milk thistle, and try to avoid it in the future. I say "try" because I know these things aren't always avoidable. My insane, 8 year old, toy sized dog recently leapt 4 feet and stole a bag of chocolate truffles off of a high counter. It was out of reach! Dog safe! Yeah, right.

  • The first thing that came to my mind was horses and deer.  I wonder why it doesn't affect them?  I know deer can eat a whole pile of apples at times.  Hmm

    The milk thistle sounds like a good idea.  Hope Ari is OK and nothing happens.

    Best wishes and nothing bad vibes coming her way.

  •  I don't have any milk thistle at home, but Ari seems fine. Actually she's being a royal PITA tonight. She's currently in her kennel for "quiet time" (aka she's beating on the humans tonight). We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I think we're in the clear. The SO was beating himself up for that one! Ari adores fruit, so I'm not surprised she decided to attempt a sneak grab of the core! Counter surfing is something we've never been able to break her of. There's generally nothing in reach (well she could reach it if she decided to fully jump up on the counter, which she did once and ONLY once - I may have put the fear of death in her that day), but the mere act of putting her paws up there is just fun for her.

    I've always wondered about horses and deer too! We have apple trees down in the field and Ari loves to try to eat the rotten ones, usually she just tries to roll in their smelliness and I can call her off from eating them thankfully. 

    Thanks everyone! I looked up online but saw some conflicting info about apple cores and seeds and figured to see what everyone here though. Ari's such a naughty dog. She's really lucky she's cute! 

  •  you both have me curious now about deer and horses eating apples (my ponies honestly prefer carrots lol such snobs, especially the filly. she'll play with it but wont eat it!)


    but i did a quick search and found this article(read comments too, not just article)

    basically you're in more danger if you actually chew them up. but swallowed whole, you'll ingest the smallest amount of poison,but children and pets are usually the ones to suffer the most - but again, its a quantity thing.

    i'm still looking for the deer/horse thing... all i can figure is it would probably take five pound sack of apple seeds to kill a horse(i'm GUESSING!) because horses are rather large.... and deer... just going by what i know about goats, and the two have similar biology, they eat a lot of things good or bad and survive. i found out last year that you should never allow a goat to eat pig feed because of the certain minerals in it are toxic.. but...... our goats were always sneaking into the pig pen and sharing the pig's dinner! we dont have a pig anymore and i found out long after the pig was gone.. and the person who gave me that info was surprised the goats never got sick. 

  •  This was an interesting revalation.  I read DumDogs link, and I think the responses scared me more than the article.  One person actually used a set of blender instructions to make a point.  There has to be some kind of relationship between dog size, amount of seeds eaten, how well chewed the seeds are, and time. It sounds like the body can process and excrete the poison.

    I've had dogs picking apples and peaches from the tree for years, and I've given Piper the cores for years as a treat.  I don't know if she actually chews them, because like a lot of dogs, snacks disappear  too quickly to tell.  I had to prune the lower branches from the peach tree because she picked and swallowed the whole thing.

    Now, I don't really know how much to worry.  It's either to much or not enough information at the same time.

  •  Yeah, I found a lot of information online, some reassuring and some not and some mixed! Knowing Ari, she likely chewed the seeds. She tends to chew her food rather than gulp it. She was fine last night and in good spirits this morning - so I'm not worried at this point. It's been SO long since she last ate anything she really wasn't supposed to (other species poop not included in that statement lol), that it really felt like old times lol. I'm still going to keep an eye on her, but unfortunately she's home alone today until we get out of work. She seemed fine though. Normal behavior (aka crazy), normal poop, normal eating, normal sad pathetic face when she realizes I'm heading out the door! If she was feeling ill, I would know immediately. She always runs to us for comfort when she's in pain or feeling sick. While great she does, not so great for us when she's umm...explosive.

  •  Very tactful phrasing.

  •  Doug i agree the comments from the article were overwhelming, eye opening, and prompted me to do more searches.... and yet it didnt really answer the original question. but ... you always hear people say grapes are dangerous for dogs and i didnt get this info until a short while ago.

    when we moved here almost four years ago the grapevine was bursting with grapes and our dogs would lay around under it(shady!) and EAT the grapes right off the vine. Kaydee would stand on hind legs to get them. every time we let the dogs out they would run right for the vine. then one day while walking in that field i saw the strangest pile of poop... yeah i'm so much of a nature freak i actually stood there for a minute trying to guess what strange wild animal left it!  then it began to look familiar.... it was grape skins and seeds!! and it had come out of one of my dogs!

    of course later i found out that grapes are said to be dangerous so i kept the dogs away from it much to the annoyance of my husband. his logic was "they've been eating grapes every day for two summers and they're not dead yet..... Tongue Tied i still wouldnt let them eat the grapes after that... better safe than sorry if its a quantity thing. but i did take small comfort in knowing that the seeds werent chewed and digested lol