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Louisville Dog Show.

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Louisville Dog Show.
  •  So I will be going to the Louisville Dog Show Thursday. Any picture request? I will write down all the dogs people would like to see and try my hardest to get pictures of everyone. I will be there all day.

  •  GSDs and Mals!

  • I love 'em all, so any pictures you get, I'll enjoy!  Have fun!

  • I would love to see some GSPs, if there are any.

  •  Gonna be there all weekend? Looks like there is a weim specialty that weekend (40+ weims entered) I'd love to see some pictures of them :)

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Nora will be showing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Open bitch).  Last year was no points at all.... This year there are 12 or 13 malinois for each of those three days (that is a regional all by itself).  Now we just have to have folks show up.  The Belgians are all in rings 5 and 6 which I also believe is the area for GSDs.  Belgians all show early.  There are 40+ tervs and black dogs in the 20's.  Last year we were near the Rally and obedience rings.  Agility was in the opposite direction and through a corridor to a livestock arena.

    Come on down and see the belgian folk.

  • Hey i might be going to that! My breeder will be showing and invited me to come along. If i can sneak my puppy in, then i may very well go!!

  • Meet up with your breeder and have him/her get your puppy in.  It is easiest to manage when a person has an entry.  Once you pay and go in, it is not an issue in most cases.  Be careful however, there are some times "flu" type and other illnesses passed from dog to dog.  Follow your breeders lead.  You also need to be focused strongly on the puppy.  Too easy for something bad to happen (scary people, scary dogs, scary noises, etc.)

  • Take a picture of the agility area please. My instructor is hosting the agility portion as well as being a vendor.
  • RidgebackGermansShep

    Hey i might be going to that! My breeder will be showing and invited me to come along. If i can sneak my puppy in, then i may very well go!!


    What day are you going? 

    I was gonna go tomorrow but I want to catch the Vizsla's showing so I will be going Friday instead. Heck what am I talking about I probably will go all 4 days! 

    So your not allowed to take dogs that arent entered in shows? I thought about taking Joker so he can get used to everything. I was supposed to have him and Fynn entered in shows but JJ's brother needed a car to go to work so I didnt enter them. Now they have their car fixed and I could have entered after all.

  • At dog shows here, it's common to see people bring their dogs.  Not tons of people do, but I always assumed it was fine.  I haven't done it because my dogs have no need to go. If I had a show prospect, I would want to take the dog and expose him to the atmosphere.  Maybe you could ask Joker's breeder. 

  • It is not fine, in fact it is specifically prohibited in the premium lists.  At one of our local shows last year, the AKC rep insisted some folks be asked to show proof of entry or be removed.  I havent seen it happen at bigger shows, but you never know.  So, you can do it, but be prepared.  If there is a problem that is related to your dog, you could face serious consequences.  I am suggesting consider all factors before deciding.  If your dog is not well trained and socialized or tends to be a bit spooky or senstive, Louisville is NOT the place to try this the first time.

  • If you get a chance, maybe Beagles?
  •  I got pictures posted. I only seen 1 beagle but then again I was late getting there. I did get his picture though.

  • It says clearly on the premium list that dogs not participating should be in the area. however, it can be a bit 'lax' in the agility area.