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Dog show in Louisville, KY March 16-19

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Dog show in Louisville, KY March 16-19
  • Is anyone going to the KY dog show this year??  Jan and Lori have been before...  Jamie, are you coming?  Pukah, Debbie Martin?  Anyone else?  Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm taking a day or so off work, so I would love to get together and meet some i-doggers.  I can show you some great places to eat here in Louisville.  [sm=wink2.gif]
  • As much as I WANT to...funds are a little low, my van need some work last week...I was invited to come with my friend who will be there with her Am Staff and Bulldogs in her motor home to keep her company I think I will be sitting this year out.
    Have a great time and give some hugs to the Am Staffs for me!
    Oh yeah, I'll be expecting a full report with pictures...LOL!
  • Dess and I will be there in Rally (at least we have not had a check and entry returned because it filled)
  • Cool!  What day are you competing?  Let me know and I'll come watch, if that's okay.  Send me a PM if you aren't comfortable posting on the board.  I will give you my home email address and we can coordinate that way.  (I'm having trouble putting names with usernames--are you Maryanne?)
    Jamie, I promise to take lots of pictures of the Amstaffs! 
  • Yup I am Maryanne.  Dess and I only made it one day.  Sunday is the day we will be there.  I will also be hanging around near conformation judging of Cardi corgies (my herding instructor has a bitch entered) and of course the belgians.  Dont know how that all breaks out according to the judging program.  I would really like to meet you.  I will have on a lilac colored jacket, jeans, and a green paisley turtle neck. I am in middle age, short dark and light hair, glasses, about 5' 4'. Dess will be the red dog with the black overlay [;)]
  • [font="trebuchet ms"]I just found this thread.  I will not be there this year.  There are Afghan Hound Specialties in Va Beach this weekend (March 11 & 12) and the dog shows at Edison NJ starting March 24th.  There is no way huggy would let me show dogs 3 weekends in a row.
    Sorry, I had to find the best judges for my critters.
  • Jan's having a hard time getting on to post and she asked me to let you guys know she will not be in KY this year as she is busy with Rain getting spayed and Maxine's breeding.
  • I was going to go watch on Sunday if I make it.  The agility club I practice with has members going.  :)

    Too bad we can't all buy buttons or somethign that have IDOG on them really bodly.  he he...
  • So is this event open to dogs not registered in the event?  I thought it might be good for Tasha to go with me just to walk around but not have to compete in anything...  she's a mutt so I don't know if that would complicate things?
  • Aww darn! I miss Jan and the Gordons.[>:]
  • Cool!  I'll get to meet MRV and Tashakota!  Let's set up a time/place to meet on Sunday.  PM me and I'll give you guys my cell phone number, just in case.
    Bummer about Jan, Pukah, and Jamie not being able to make it.  Maybe next year.
    Tashakota, I don't think dogs who aren't competing can go.  If your dog could pass for a purebred, you could maybe 'sneak' him/her in...  Do you live in Louisville?
  • Bummer.  But no, no purebred's in my pack.  Although most people ask if Tasha is a cattle dog...  ;)

    Ok I will PM you.  :D  Maybe I can whip up a T-shirt that says IDog on it!  lol...
  • I/Dog.com will be represented at the Am Staff Specialty's silent auction..if you guys get a chance to make it there they always have a nice silent auction of doggie items they raffle off. I have sent down over $200.00 worth of merchandise for them to use to raise funds. This year the money they raise will be donated to "Take the Lead" and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.
    Also PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give any Am Staff a big hug and a kiss for me since I can't be there