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Puppy Shots...Vet or Feed Store?

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Puppy Shots...Vet or Feed Store?
  •  Hello everyone im new to this site and I was wondering what most people to for there puppy's first shots.... Do you go to feed supply place and buy the shots your self or just take the puppy to the vet. I have read many sites that say its ok to give the shots your self and many others that say dont. I was just wondering what everyone here thought about it.

  • Puppy shots need to be spaced **correctly** -- you might want to check out Dr. Jean Dodds' website for her vaccine protocols and ask your vet if they follow them (too soon and lasting immunity isn't formed).  Feed stores are VERY iffy -- most vaccines need to be kept constantly refrigerated and you really need to know they came from a good source (Merial -- not Ft. Dodge for me).  That would put me off "over the counter" vaccines. 

    Has the vet not seen your pup?  That's essential -- the pup needs to be properly wormed and needs to get a good vet check-up as well -- that can head off tons of problems. 

  •  Ditto Callie.

    When your dog is ill, you want him treated by someone you trust.  Taking him to the vet for his vaccines allows you to build up a rapport with this person and is a prime opportunity for a general health check.  Vet!!

  • While I do my own vaccines, I don't get them from a feed store, since they can be very iffy. By the time you order them from a reliable source, pay for overnight shipping, etc, you don't save a dime.   And I don't do annual vaccines, instead I have blood drawn to pull titers.  I'm also an old broad who has been doing this for years.  So in this case, it's sort of do as I say, not as I do.......

    Pups need to be established with a vet right away. I don't ever suggest worming at home without a proper sample checked and that's critical to be done and done promptly.  Look into a puppy wellness package from local vets.  Many offer those and they end up saving you a bit of money.

    My vote goes for the vet.

  •  Thanks for the info and no my puppy hasnt been to vet yet we just got her this week and we are new to area we live in so im tryin to find a vet around here that is good. But i was just wondering if most people just gave there own shots iv read up on quite a bit and im sure that i can so the shots my self but the only thing im scared of is that the supply store might not have stored the shot correctly but im calling some vets today to get her in to see them before the end of the week.

    Thanks for the replies

  • I do my own vaccines (except rabies) - but I buy them straight from the vet I work for. If it's something you are looking for in the future- maybe your vet can show you HOW to do it properly - there are many things to watch out for.... if you have not been specially trained, I would just let the vet do it.

  • My vet is okay with me giving my own vaccines, but i only buy them in the winter. Both of my boys get their yearly shot in november, because the vet said the vaccine is ineffective if it gets warm. I do go to the vet several times a year for a general check up and i take them in for bordatella and rabies.

    For a puppy i would get the whole series done at the vet. i only started giving vaccines after my dogs were a year old.I've also seen dogs have reactions to vaccines, so until you know how your pup will react you should probably go to the vet.

  • Vet is highly recommended for all the initial puppy vaccines.

    And also, not every vet is going to think alike.

    When we got our last dog at 4mnths old, the rescue we purchased him from said he needed 2 more rounds of puppy vaccines, but gave me info of the ones he already had.

    When I took him to my already established Vet, he thought he'd been over vaccinated for his young age, and highly recommended NOT to vaccinate him further. At least until he was 18mnths old.

    Just a week ago, he had his first annual adult vaccines at 18mnths old. After this, he will get Rabies once every 3yrs and I will do titers for the other viruses. I do not believe a dog needs yearly vaccines, most vets around here are going for every 3yrs for parvo, distemper, etc. but I think that may be too much too.

    Rabies is a requirement, puppy vaccines are very highly recommended, but after their first yearly adult vaccines, I highly recommend you titer every other year after that before giving further vaccines, aside from Rabies of course. Too many vaccines in a life span can lead to very unforgiving results later in life.

    I currenly have a 9yr old chihuahua who's had his 18mnth old vaccines and only Rabies every 3yrs, he's in perfect health, and he NEVER gets sick.

  •  Thanks for the info i'm taking her to the vet on Monday I found a vet around here that really reasonable on their prices and iv talked to alot people about this vet and I haven't heard anything bad so she is going on Monday they told me for the visit its $30 and that includes checking her worms giving her a dewormer and her first shots and the office visit also they give you a training material and a free sample of interceptor so im impressed so far.