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weak hind legs

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weak hind legs
  • My dog is 14 years old.  He has been doing very good.  Has been on Prednisone every 6th day for several years for IBD.  Now, his back legs are giving in.  Because he is on the Pred I don't dare try him on Rimadyl or anything like that.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  He still wants to go for walks and to the park, but he just can't make it.  I have to hold up his rear end for him to get up on the sofa.  He is on glucosomine.  Any help will be appreciated.
  • Springtime, Inc. has stuff people swear by. I've tried their Calmplex for an antsy dog but I can't speak personally to anything else. They do have some stuff for joints, though. They have a website, I think it's [linkhttp://www.springtime.com]www.springtime.com[/link] -- not sure as it's been awhile. I'd give them a shot if it were me, I've heard so many good things.
  • there are other steroids beside pred that can be used,, I sjuspect what the previous poster has reccomended might be worth a try but if it doesn;t work then you may be switched to dexamaethasone or some of the newer products.
  • Over the long term, pred actually destroys cartilage -- you might try something as simple as Knox NutraJoint.  It's cheap and it's easy.  You just put part of a scoop in their food once a day.  I use half a scoop on my 30 pound cocker (he's been on steroids for IMHA).  This is NOT a fast fix -- it takes months, but it allows the body to actually rebuild cartilage.
    Please try other things to work on the IBD -- you might actually even try a holistic vet that does traditonal Chinese veterinary medicine -- there are a LOT of things to do for IBD other than steriods at this point.
  • I don't know if this is an option or not, but swimming does really help.  My oldest golden will be 12 day after tomorrow and he has arthritis in hips and lower spine.  i hve had him on the MSM/Glucosamine for about 2 years, but a few months ago i dropped him to two of them in the morning and two osteoBiFlex at night and i have seen improvement.  AND i also started him on the knox Nurtajoint just about a month ago, thanks to Callie.  he is a little slow getting up, but still gets on bed, seofa, etc with ease, and will walk your legs off.  he also trots instead of walking in the house.  Hopefully in a couple of months we will be able to decrease the other supps and just go with the osteo bi flex and the nutrajoint.  Oh, he also gets two fish oil capsuls a day and an EsterC.  i don't know if it is true or not, but i hvae read several times that both are helpful to joints.  But even if not, the Ester C is good for immune system and the fish oil good for skin and coat, so it could be a double winner..
  • Well, I took Sparky to the Vet this morning.  He had gotten worse since  yesterday.  The Vet gave him a steriod shot (don't know the name) and put him on Valium to relax his muscles.  I had a job getting him in and out of the car. He does not like being picked up.  I put a towel under his hind end.  He is constantly falling to a funny sitting position and can't get back up. Thanks for everyones advice.  I guess I will increase his glucosomine more and does anyone know where I can get the Knox Nutra Joint?  And can I give it to him with his glucosomine?  If he doesn't get any better than today I don't know what my next step will be. 
  • I get mine at Walmart in the vitamin section, and yes, Buck gets it along with this MSM/Glucosamine capsuls and his osteo-BiFlex caps and Kaycee also gets it with her MSM/Glucosamine.     As Callie says, it coes take about 3 months to notice a difference, but several on this forum have used it and are well pleased.  I have only had mine on it for a month.
  • I really like Nutri-Aid GCM, it contains glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate,
    MSM (Methil Sulphonyl Methane), Vitamin C, Manganese & Harpagophytum Procumbens (devil's claw)...devils claw and MSM are great as anti-inflammatories and all the ingredients work well with each other.  When I look for a good Glucosamine supplement I always look for one that contains all of the above ingredients...dogs needs manganese to better uptake the glucosamine into their bloodstream...that's a big difference between human glucosamine supplements and ones made for animals.[;)] As anti-inflammatories I like using Turmeric and ginger root (dried powder) both organic.  It does take a little while for them to kick in tho.  For rusty joints and older dogs a homeopathic remedy called Rhus Tox is great and may be good for your dog...discuss with your vet first in case of possible interactions with current med's. You could also pick up the book "The holistic Dog" and learn how to apply acupressure to your dog.  This can help blood circulate to areas it's needed.  While your dog is healing and getting stronger if you want to be able to take him for short walks one of those dog carts may be a good idea...especially where you say he has problems with his hind legs..you could probably pick one up fairly cheap on ebay. 
    As already mentioned, fish oil and vitamin E are fantastic supplements to give any dog and especially those with joint problems.
    Here's a site for you to read.
  • Cally -- I have four collies; two of them are 10 and one's 11. I'm needing to give one of them more than gluco/chon, and I imagine the other will need it before long too. So I have a few questions: How expensive is Nutra-Aid GCM and more importantly, where can I buy it? Where can I buy Rhus Tox, and can it be given along with Nutra-Aid GCM and gluco/chon?
  • Hi sairey, Here is a link on Nutri-Aid GCM [linkage=1]http://www.aliments-reverdy.com/boutique-ficheproduit.php5?language=en&id=32&idCategorie=23&;page=1[/link]>http://www.aliments-reverdy.com/boutique-ficheproduit.php5?language=en&id=32&idCategorie=23&;page=1]http://www.aliments-reverdy.com/boutique-ficheproduit.php5?language=en&id=32&idCategorie=23&;page=1[/link], yes it is a horse supplement...but, has dosages for dogs.  I find most horse supplements are much more economical than ones made specifically for dogs and are from pure sources.  Some of the supplements made specifically for dogs are over priced in my opinion[sm=happy.gif]  Fine if you have small dogs, but, when you have multiple large dogs it can get expensive.

    The Rhus Tox I purchase from my local health food store, for proper dosages there are a few books out there you can pick up or I can do the research and PM you the amounts for size weight of your dogs. 

    Another fantastic supplement that I give Athena my Rottie with HD along with Nutri-Aid is DGP here is the link [linkhttp://betterhealthinternational.com/productDetails.asp_Q_prodID_E_3326]http://betterhealthinternational.com/productDetails.asp_Q_prodID_E_3326[/link]
    This has been amazing for Athena, she has the worst grade hips possible, she's going on 8 and you wouldn't know she has HD.  Her hips are nicely shaped and not concave as you see in some HD dogs. 
  • That URL took me to a place where they sell stone?
  • Prednisone is fairly short-acting, and can be given every other day with NSAIDS in dogs that need it. Ask your vet if you think your pup might benefit from some pain medicine. I also agree that supplements such as glucosamine and fatty acids can help quite a bit with age and injury related joint disease.

    Has your vet diagnosed a muscular or skeletal disorder? I'm curious why he decided to give additional steroids...
  • Auburn -- if you're talking to me -- yes, I did give the wrong URL. It's [linkhttp://www.springtimeinc.com]www.springtimeinc.com[/link]. I forgot the "inc". Sorry
  • Just a quick question :) Did your vet x-ray the back? I just ask because prolonged steroids cause significant bone loss which leads to stress and compression fractures. These can impinge on the cord. I just ask because you said it's only the back legs. I'm sure the supplements will be helpful as well, but I always prefer to know exactly what I'm treating first. It's probably just normal "wear and tear" which you also can see evidence on the x-rays.
  • Has your vet diagnosed a muscular or skeletal disorder? I'm curious why he decided to give additional steroids...

    I agree with Misskiwi and ottoluv; Has the vet really made an attempt to find out exactly why he's getting so weak in his hind legs? Also, until he's doing better again, there's absolutely nothing wrong with using a towel to support his rear end so he can walk; many pet catalogues even sell slings for this purpose; [linkhttp://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/NavResults.cfm?N=2001+113678]http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/NavResults.cfm?N=2001+113678[/link];

    This joint supplement is supposed to be very good for dogs with severe arthritis; [linkhttp://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/Prod_Display.cfm?pcatid=14069&N=2001+113677]http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/Prod_Display.cfm?pcatid=14069&N=2001+113677[/link];

    Joint Care Premium 3 ;
    Each Tablet Contains: Glucosamine, 400 mg; Omega-3 Fatty Acids from fish oil, 300 mg; Perna canaliculus, 200 mg; Chondroitin, 100 mg; MSM, 100 mg; Vitamin C (Ester-CĀ®), 100 mg; Bromelain, 75 mg ; Quercetin, 50 mg; Boswellia extract, 25 mg; Soybean and Avocado oil extract, 10 mg; Vitamin E, 10 IU; Hyaluronic Acid, 5 mg; Manganese, 1 mg; Boron, 225mcg.