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Bump on eyelid.

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Bump on eyelid.
  • I noticed today that my older dog Tj has a bump on his top eyelid. I know it wasn't there yesterday it looks a bit like a stye or small cyst, except there is no hair on it. I would say it looks a tad bit like a wound, but there are no scratch marks or anything. It's all pink with no hair on it ..it's just a bump. Were going to take him to the vet, but it's too late to make an apointment now and I really would like to know if you all have any ideas.

    **EDIT; added photo.

  • That sounds like what my cat has, actually. The only difference is that it's not on her eyelid, it's above her eye by an inch maybe. It's been there for a long time. It is also small, round, and hairless. Has your dog had any kind of eye injury? [:o] I ask because my cat was in a catfight when she was youngerand lost most of that eye.
  • Nope. My dogs do 'wrestle' a lot and that's the only possible thing I can think of.. [&:] I do have that home vet book or whatever it's called, maybe there is something in there. Never the less, I'm going to call the vet.
  • What a sweet face!
    One of my greyhounds had a benign tumor on his upper eyelid that looked just like that.  He had it surgically removed.  It wasn't really a big deal, he was in and out the same day, on antibiotics and had to wear the E-collar until the stitches came out (which I think was the worst part for him!)  I'm sure your guy will be ok - just get it looked at by your vet.
  • Could be an insect bite or string.
  • havn't read the posts but  I suspect it is a chalaizon (sp) ie a gland on the eyelid that has gotten eenlarged or inflammed...it might respond to antibiotice but I suspect it will require a little surgery..to be removed or  it can grow and destroy the lid