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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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    Happy thanksgiving.  remember, there is a chance that you can eat too much turkey or pie.  Pace yourself.


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    Did everybody survive Black Friday.? Weather set in yesterday and it got so bad that people were driving the posted limit. About 2" accumulated.

    Sky had a great time. A little girl from the in-law side took a fancy to him. Walked him, took him sledding, then sat in the snow and threw snow chunks for him to catch. She said the only problem with Sky is that he is too friendly. He likes to hug people.

    Sky is a good visitor. I leashed him to a hook in the mud room, where he could watch everything but stay out of the way. He watched quietly and napped a lot, so I got him a big chunk of cooked turkey skin . He is just a good boy. Usually.

    Sky jumped a jack rabbit. Forgot how big they get. It was a short chase, then I called Sky off. The bunny was never in any danger, but was moving pretty good through the grass.

    The WMAs are freezing up now. Amazing at how much water is still standing in them. Turning to ice now. Sky ran through some plowed dirt and turned black on his lower half. A few minutes jumping through weeds and water in the swamp washed him right off, but he does smell a little funky.

    Got to start the snow blower today-make sure it works, and then winterize the mower. The cycle of life in MN.

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    Happy Day after everyone.  I spent my day cooking for the hubby and I and picking up stuff that Garth knocked over with the "Cone of Shame"

    Ha!  He did well with his neuter surgery but had to use the cone all day yesterday cause he wouldn't leave it alone.  Today so far letting him roam the house with out it.  It is chilly and rainy and time for a nap.  But first...leftovers.  Have a great weekend all.

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    Good Boy Sky   All I gotta Doug is, I will take the rain over your weather.

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    Yup, I ate too much yesterday. Leftovers today--yum! We had a lot of fare from the garden this year, including an heirloom pumpkin from a friend that became the pie. It was delicious.

    Doug, I try to avoid all "Black Friday" shopping--I just use the ferry as an excuse :-) We're having a little craft fare here on the island for "Small Business Saturday" so that will be my shopping this weekend. I am impressed that you can call Sky off a rabbit--Rock won't leave a scent trail and if he saw the rabbit, it would be all over (and loud). That's my hound dog!  

    It was warm today--back to colder weather for the weekend. No snow in the forecast, which is fine with me!

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    Kate, your meal with all the garden-grown ingredients must have been delicious.  I wish you could Air Express some leftovers to our house this evening!  We don't have any leftovers, which is actually a good thing because our meal yesterday was not very good.  We ate at the assisted living facility where my MIL lives.  They served a "traditional" meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce & stuffing, but it was pretty blah.  It reminded me of what we got in the cafeteria at school when they served turkey.  Instant potatoes, mushy beans, etc.  

    It was a quick meal (fortunately, we were seated with another resident and her two family members, who were very friendly, so we enjoyed a fun conversation.  DH didn't want to stay long after we ate, as he's there so often anyway, so we were home before 2pm.  But at least we got MIL out of her room, dressed, and engaged with others for an hour (she refuses all activity normally).  At home we watched football, I made some calls back to CT, and DH made stuffed shells for dinner.  No surprise, his dish was far better than our lunch!

    Unusually cold weather still today -- our birdbath water was frozen solid.  DH chipped out the big chunks and Ruby grabbed one and did a few zoomies with it.  We couldn't pass up being outside with such bright blue skies, so we took her for a walk on a new trail by a wetlands area not far from our house.  No one there but us, and she had fun sniffing new smells.

    Ginger, I can just imagine poor Garth dealing with the cone of shame.  Glad to hear his surgery went well, and hopefully he can ditch the cone for good soon.  Glenda, I wish I had a suggestion for a car barrier for Dixie so you don't have to use a crate.  Someone needs to invent a doggy seat belt and harness that's made from indestructible NASA materials!

    I, too, am grateful for my fellow dog-loving friends and hope yesterday was the start of a peaceful holiday season for all of you!

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    I cant type or spell, that's for sure! Make that a craft fair (though there will be fare in the form of free snacks, too).  

    I just tried to take Rock for a walk after dark--bad idea--too many scents and I think he thought he was going to get to go find a racoon. He is strong and he pulled me down. We'll only be doing walks in the daylight from now on.

    Tracy, your stuffed shells sound delicious! It's too bad the other dinner wasn't a bit more festive for you.

    Glenda, if you've got a Subaru, they make a dog barrier that is supposed to be very good and it fits well (keeps the dog in the very back. I don't know if other car companies make them, but I'm sure they do.

    Garth, I hope you can be done with the cone of shame. Leave everything alone and you'll be fine :-) I am glad the surgery went well.

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    wow. Sunday already. These long weekends always manage to confuse me.

    We survived black Friday by ignoring it but did hit a small family owned pet store yesterday. They had lots of toys at 40% off so DS stocked up on the rope ball toys Dixie loves and bought a barrier for the car. Strangely she seems to like the clised plastic crate just fine but I can't see to back up with it in the car. Will get the barrier installed today. Hopefully that will keep my seat belts safe!

    This weeks homecooked is fish. Lordie does canned salmon ever stink! So bad I had to open the kitchen window in 30 degree temps! Fish, sweet potatoes and kale. She loves it.

    Used up most of the raw veggies from Thursday veggie platter and a lot of the turkey in a big pot of gumbo yesterday. leftover rurkey just doesn't work for me so the rest is going into the freezer.

    All in all it's been a long and lazy weekend other than not being sure which darned day it is!

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    Another week survived.  I am building a bookcase for the basement, and it is coming along better than I hoped.  This doesn't happen often .  Usually I bleed on the project several times and toss miscuts away.  I bought 3 30"x30" wall cabinets, 12" deep to use as bases.  They come with well made doors, and I can not make a door that well.  A few more cuts, then finishing.  I don't like finishing, but how else can you call it "done".

    My son was asking what tools don't I have.  When you buy quality the first time, they last.  When the kids move out, they don't get lost.  So I have a lot of tools.  My son checked out my workroom-after my organization project was complete-and found all 4 walls covered with hand tools and power tools on every flat surface.  I used to get so annoyed looking for a tool I knew I had, that I needed now, but couldn't find.  You always find it right after buying and using the replacement tool.  After pulling all the tools together, I am surprised at how many I have.

    We have a tradition with my son.  At Christmas , we exchange outlandish moose themed gifts.  I have been looking for a complete head mount, but they are hard to find and very expensive.  Son has a reading room with a fireplace and a door to keep out noise and kids.  He found a resin wicker moose head, 42" across the horns.  It looks great, over the mantle, is PETA approved, but will be hard to top.  I thought the moose themed boxer shorts with the squeekies in them were over the top, but I think he wears them once in a while.

    Just so you know, winter is here. 14F in the morning, and the snow hasn't melted.  I am practicing the MN two step.  Lots of icey sidewalks.  The snowblower started right up, and the mower is parked away now.

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    November is going out like a lion-a white lion.  You can just about see the house across the street.  Had Sky running yesterday.  He wanted to play with a deer he found.  Had to chase for a long ways to get him back.  Then, he almost found it again.  I could see its' shadow moving through a clump of brush, drifting out ahead of the dog.  Had a come to Jesus talk with Sky about recall and sit on command.  He listens to short loud words.  May have to use a collar to break him from chasing deer.  Dogs get shot for that, and I would hate to have to shoot someone for shooting my dog.

    Cars are still moving, but schools closed early today.  May get to start up the blower tomorrow.  I have to get the truck in for some work in the AM.

    Made pancakes from scratch this morning.  Now I wonder why we use a mix.  7 ingredients, 3 of them used with the mix.  Same number of bowls.   Made a big batch, so Sky got several.

    I have had several requests to "friend" people.  What does that mean here?

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    friending here is similar to facebook. Basically you just get friends!

    as much as i dislike using adversive tools I'm thinking that you might just need one for your deer chasing buddy. We'd likely post your bail but you might have to sit in jail about while we collected enough.

    My nephew Jon is in the hospital. He was rushed there last nite with a high fever that affected his heart and caused his iplanted defibuler to schock him repeatedly. Good thots and prayers for jon and his whole family would be appreciated.