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A kennel specifically for long term members to chat
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    I really wish I could give you a sure fire way. I tell dog people all the time about the forum. I do my best to respond to newbies when they post. I do think that the difficulty with posting from devices slows us down.

    I also think that facebook offers a more varied audience and more specialized possibilities. Even I post to a couple deaf dog forums and I'm not all that internet savvy. When people are looking for special info they tend to look for special groups. We HAVE members who have experience with just about everything. But, when you have a specific issue to deal with you do a search. This forum doesn't come up. We can't expect to be a specialized forum but if there were a way to lure back our old membets we would have a better base of knowledge and that might help

    I wish I had the answer.

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    There needs to be value in what this site offers beyond what can be offered in a Facebook group.  This is one of the reasons that we introduced the basic badging and the ability to create "kennels" when you reach a certain status on the site.  However we know this isn't enough, even with the strength of knowledge that exists on the site.  

    I'd be interested to hear from all active members; excluding the long term relationships, what brought you to the community, what keeps you here and what killer feature do you think would attract more individuals?

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    I came her originally seeking an answer to a dog related question. This was way back when the forum was still owned by an individual. It was fun with very few rules and sometimes got out of hand but it was fun. More importantly it was like a college education in all things dog. I was educated on proper breeding, proper training fo, nutrition and so many other things.

    I stayed because I was learming and growing and because it felt like family. Idog was myinternet home. When are son died almost 4 years ago the love and support from this forum was incredible. It still feels like family just a much smaller one.

    Yesm. Now I do visitsome deaf dog sites but I'm also able to reach out to some pretty incredible folks right here who have experience in lots of areas. That matters.

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    iDog anyone else?

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    Pretty much same as Glenda -- I'd moderated a small veg*n board (and no, I'm not veg*n) for many years and it was dying (it deserved to at that point just from lack of anyone who cared), but for me to find somewhere *I* could ask questions was awesome.   When I commit to a group, I commit long long term.  I'll try repeatedly to find a way to be useful and make it work - which is why I'm still *here*.  

    I'm different in that I'm not a group person.  It is honestly very difficult for me to post on the daily 'gab' stuff because I don't.  I don't use FB as "social media", I don't congregate at the water cooler, I will talk a mile a minute but I'm not a 'group' kinda person.  I don't care what the casserole someone made for dinner looks like, and I never EVER post to my own 'time line' (what the heck IS a time line anyway ... don't answer b/c I really don't care).  

    I'll go to great lengths to answer a question or help someone.  I will spend 2 hours on an email to someone (a friend, or a stranger who has a need or who needs just to 'connect'.   I keep in touch with a huge number of people via email and phone.  But it's one on one -- I just don't 'do' group chat (whether it's friends in "real life" getting together for a SuperBowl party, church dinner, girls out weekend -- nope, it's not going to be me.  I'm just not good in groups.  (I suspect it's a basic skill I never acquired as a kid b/c I'm an only child - this is MY flaw, not a complaint)

    But I **HATE** dissension.  When any board or forum I'm on starts to get snarky I hunker down in the place where I'm needed and I'll help.  But I'll avoid "groups" where I feel like someone is going to talk about me behind my back or jump all over me just to prove someone wrong or to argue.    I tried to jump in a couple of times on the FB 'page' where the old "i-doggers" hang out and both of those times I literally walked in to see MYSELF being discussed and bashed.  It's over.  Never again.  

    SOME folks need that.  Some folks absolutely live for a forum where they can argue and fuss and state their opinion ... loudly ... and leave their knife behind in someones ribs.  They see it as excitement .  To me it's deadly (whether it's office politics in the real world, family drama or the internet - I'm going to avoid that.

    But I-Dog and  (whichever generation)  was big enough to do that.

    There were a couple of members who seem to finally have dropped away who had developed a personal vendetta against me and  I rarely posted unless threre was some issue *I* could address.  

    The honest thing is the last two years have been incredibly difficult for me health-wise  -- just one thing after another that were almost completely debilitating.  (and thank heaven that seems to have resolved).  I just haven't had the extra energy to put in here but honestly I **would and will** as this begins to turn around.  I'd love to set up my own "kennel" but to be completely honest I just haven't had enough hours in a day.   I do put a ton of time into the FB "IMHA" page because it's where the activity and need is.   But I'm not alone  -- there are others with experience who hang in there and we need to develop that again on here.

    Sorry this is long but the last thing I will say is this.  The difficulty with FB and Twitter is the "one-line message".  We live in a society that has forgotten how to read more than one paragraph.  We even want our news digested into just headlines.  But for deep issues FB lacks substance.  People actually have a really tough time  reading below "read more" and the vast majority of folks on there truly are only seeking "Oh, I am SO sorry you're going thru this".  or to giggle at the latest "meme".  

    That's not bad -- it's what people want.  BUT there are folks on there looking -- for ***SOME*** issues --- for the deeper information.  In training -- not just a war over "which method" (the old anger about that sort of stuff was what initially began to bleed to death --- people won't post if they feel like they started a war, and people won't contribute if they think someone is going to slit their throat.    But people NEED help in training -- even just to begin with who the heck in "the real world" can they go to for lessons and help, what books are good and what the heck does "positive/positive" vs. "positive/negative" mean anyway??    People also need to know they aren't alone -- Glenda, Ginger and I have - just yesterday - reaffirmed "counter-surfing"  exists and is a problem no matter how old your membership is in the Old Broads Club LOL

    Particularly in health issues -- what things this or that vet may try, what ELSE could this be, what ELSE could the vet do, what alternative things might help and not hinder, what things MAY hinder?  I could prose on and on about that -- it's what I'm best at (health issues).  But a place also where awareness can be raised -- it was on a messageboard where *I* first heard the term "vaccinosis" ... disease caused by vaccinations??? Really??


    It is my fervent hope that over the next few months I can pay more attention to (and hopefully bring some other folks over as well).  But it shouldn't be a one person thing.  

    *I* also need enough personal time to explore the things that make this fun -- like pictures, and signatures.

    But I feel I need to apologize because for the simple fact that my time has been so limited i haven't been able to put the effort in here I want to.  But I tend not to give up.  And tomorrow's another day.

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    "Glenda, Ginger and I have - just yesterday - reaffirmed "counter-surfing"  exists and is a problem no matter how old your membership is in the Old Broads Club LOL"    This is exactly why I came to the forum.  

    Way before FB was a thing,  purchased something on for my sweet shadow and popped in and out a few times until he was diagnosed with cancer and this is where I came for help.  Callie was the first to see my need and offer suggestions and Glenda and several others had to help pick me up when we lost that battle.  I enjoy the stories about everyones dogs, I remember Callie getting a puppy named Tinkerbell that had such a need, we all learned a lot following her progress.  

    Besides keeping up with each other we have grieved with each other, shared stories, achievements, failures and like they have both said, we are like family.

    I pop in to FB occasionally I miss some of our old friends but like Callie said, the one liners don't do much for me and I don't like not being able to find what I am looking for.  

    I miss Secret Santa which was a lot of work for Glenda but lots of fun for us and our dogs.   I like being able to call on the forum with questions about issues I might be having with our dogs, or sharing a loss at the Rainbow bridge.  

    Callie has been reachable by phone in emergencies and on-line for  tips of all kinds.  There is a wealth of knowledge that comes from other's experiences that just isn't the same a reading a book written by a stranger.  

    I think we are on the right track here, I hope we will have some folks drift back but I also hope we will encourage new comers to join in.  I was a newcomer  and felt very welcomed.  

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    I would love to start doing SS again here. I'm in and will coordinatem