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July Connection, if any.
Sky is the proud father of 5 male and 1 female puppies. I don't know if I dare go see them. I have been informed that I really don't want another dog. He has been drawing comments at the park and on walks about how handsome and well behaved he is. Then he rolls in some obnoxious substance and...
June is busting out all over.
I feel much better now. Chose your hydration liquid carefully.
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May Day
Sky is visiting his girlfriend today. Dropped him off Tuesday at my brothers place. Sky was playing well with his sister and an older aunt when we left. Spent a few days by Mile Lacs Lake visiting friends and digging up wild flowers. Las t time we visited their cabin, it was a wilderness. Now, almost...
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April fools
everyone seems to be on vacation so I will get us started for April. Hope someone is around.
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March forward
It snowed last night-about an inch.
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February 2016
Apparently yesterday was Alaskan day at the dog park. Sky loves to play rough with the big dogs. Guy showed up with a beautiful little Alas kan pup-5 months old. Their faces are fantastic. Kid was there with a nice lab that really needed training. Kid was using a collar, but you need to train the dog...
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2016 start
Nice day. In the 20s with a gentle wind. Sky really needs to run. He keeps walking up to us and hitting us with his toys. Going to hit a swamp or WMA when the games start. Up late, specially for old folks. Got home at 1:30 AM. No drinking, but too much beef. Friends have a new BBQ and they cooked...
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Approving members
Are you happy to approve your own group members?
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Happy 2016
Happy 2016 I was asleep by 10:00 last night, I am the early bird today. Hope everyone has a great day
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December Thoughts
It is now winter-barely. It seems that most of this snow will melt soon. I didn't even try the snow blower. Had Jr to the dog park. We were alone, but lots of tracks in the snow. Sky was looking hard for another dog. I'll have to get him into a swamp tomorrow. That, or take up drinking. ...
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November Meeting
Sunny, warm, gentle breeze. Leaves falling, mostly gone. We have had one hard freeze and "snow", but really lousy snow. No accumulation. About 65F right now. Had Sky to the park yesterday, and he beat up a Pit Bull. A really pretty blue nose brindle and cream colored PB came up to greet us...
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New iDog Kennel
To help you all stay in touch I have created a new kennel for you, if you add you chats in here you can find them more easily. You can also subscribe to digest emails.
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October Chatting
It is still cold, rainy and windy here. I'm off to our pet assisted therapy class in a bit. The lawn needs mowing, but it's not going to happen this weekend. [mention:undefined] My coffee pot is acting strange today, so I may have to invest in a new one if I can't fix this one. ...
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September Chat
Might be officially September, but here we are still having the dog days of August. Hello Mother Nature?? This is NOT the deep south, so kindly remove the deep south weather. Gray kitty made an appearance on the sun porch today. Walked in, hopped in my lap while I was reading, and settled in for...
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Welcome to August
Sky seems to be over his problem. Back to vet probably Friday for final check, but he is happy, eager to run and play, and seemed really interested in a young female labby at the dog park today. Real gleam in his eyes. May have to have the talk with him. Took Sky into the dog shop today, and he picked...
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