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Does neutering effect a dogs personality?

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Does neutering effect a dogs personality?
  • My husband bought me a Jack russle terrior puppy for my birthday 3 months ago.  He is the first dog I have ever had - and the best present I have ever had.  The vet told me that I should get him neutered at around 6 months; which at the time I didn't question.  He is 5 months old now, so it is time to think about taking Kurt (my dog) to the vets for that appointment... but now I am really concerened.  You see, Kurt has really beautiful personality; and I'm worried that the opperation might change this.  Other people have said that the op helped their dogs personality improve... but my Kurt really is already lovely (No, I'm not biased!).  I just wondered if other dog owners could let me know if the operation altered their dogs personality too much, so I know what to expect.


  • I did NOT notice any difference in personality after my boy's neuter.  He is the same goofy, lovable guy.

  • I didn't notice any difference at all in Apollo's personality after he got neutered. It was really great not to have "dog balls" on my bed/couch....lol!!!Stick out tongue But seriously, it has great health benefits + he won't roam looking for a female in heat!

  • I have two males and both have the same personality they had before their neuter.

  •  If you don't get him neutered you may not like his personality after he matures. Males that aren't fixed tent to be male-male aggressive, they can be easily distracted (because their hormones rage when a non spayed female is in the area) and more prone to wonder away from the home. On the other hand, you'll see no negative changes to his personality if he is fixed.

  •  If neutering is done at a younger age (which isn't always best for the dog) you are less likely to see personality changes. Early altered males often will maintain an immature, puppyish personality. Neutering done on mature males though, will generally cause some changes in their personality IME. If those changes are "all good" or not is a matter of opinion. I regretted having the two 3-4 year old males I had neutered and did it because people at the training club convinced me it was the best thing I could do for them. They lost muscle mass and there were some slight but unwanted changes in their personality. Things that most pet owners probably wouldn't care about but that I did. My personal preference, especially for pet dogs in good homes is that they not be neutered until they are a year old to prevent unwanted growth problems.

     If Kurt is your only dog and you are responsible about him (don't let him roam off leash, don't leave him unattended off leash, have done training, have housetrained him) there is no real need to have him neutered. If you have intact females, plan to have intact females, have or plan to have other intact males or you let him roam freely outdoors without a fence or leash those are reasons why neutering may be called for in your situation. And some people just prefer neutered males as pets (and others prefer to leave their males intact).

     It really is a personal choice and not something you should feel forced into. Your dog doesn't have to have his parts removed to be a better dog or to be healthy and there are risks to any surgery. There are both health benefits and health risks of the neutering itself. I'd suggest you do research and come to the conclusion yourself, although you will have to harder look for unbiased opinions on the subject. It is PC to promote spaying and neutering everything and much of the info is put out to promote that.

     This is a good article outlining why it is best to wait until the dog's growth plates have closed to neuter: http://www.caninesports.com/SpayNeuter.html

  •  Our lab jack was neutered at just over a year and we did not see any personality chances.  The only difference I noticed is that he didn't try to hump every female dog (fixed or not) that he came across and he stopped lifting his leg.  He will still mark, but he doesn't lift.

  • i also didnt notice any differences in my dogs personality, except for more sanity with any females that are around. jason got neutered at about a year old...

  • well you know, at five months of age he doesn't HAVE his final personality anyway- he may change dramatically as he matures whether or not you neuter him now or later.

  • In large breeds like I own, I don't usually gauge personality until they are at least 2 years old, it takes them that long or even longer to fully develop to a grown up personality.....