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Recent Spay - Blood in Stool?

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Recent Spay - Blood in Stool?
  • We picked up a pound pup (1 yo female) a couple of days ago (she was spayed on Friday), and I found a slimely blood membrane over the stool from last night or early this morning (Monday).
    Unfortunately, I don't know if the stool was hers or my older dog (he has Lymphoma - but was checked still in remission last week).
    The recently spayed female might have licked her surgery incision and this is her first stool since coming home. Both dogs are eating, drinking and acting like they are fine.
    Could the bloody stool be from her Spay surgery? I hate to take both dogs to the vet right away. She had another stool around noon that looked normal, the other dog has not had a stool today.
  • What breed/ breed mis is this dog?  My two occasionally have a bit of red/pink mucus in their stool but my vet said that wasn't anything to worry about IF it's only on occasion, and not a normal thing.
  • The new dog is a border collie and lab mix according to the shelter - mid sized, I'd guess at about 45 lbs. while the older dog is a rottie at about 110 lbs. You'd think their poop would look different, but it doesn't.
  • Unless it was a lot of blood, I would just watch for them to poop next time to find out which dog it is... or you could put on a rubber glove and do a stool check. 
  • Looks like all's well that ends well. The new pup's bowel seemed pretty normal yesterday, and FINALLY the older dog pooped today and his is normal too. Who knows if it was the stress, the spay or maybe it *was* the older dog and he just ate something that made him bleed a bit...
    Can't imagine what the tests for two dogs would have set me back... but a good reminder to me now that I have multiple dogs, to make sure they poop separately in the yard every couple of days so I can keep an eye on their health :)