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Callie - Ever heard of Medi-Paws (medicinal marijuana)

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Callie - Ever heard of Medi-Paws (medicinal marijuana)
  • I came across this little article. I have never heard Callie speak of treating dogs with marijuana, Curious on her thoughts as well as others.

    Pet owners across Canada have a new a new way to treat the ailments of their beloved four-legged friend -- through cannabis treatment.

    While most Canadians are aware that medicinal marijuana is legal in Canada, many may not know that there is a product available that also offers cannabis health benefits for your pets.

    Med-Marijuana's newest product, Medi-Paws, is being used by Canadian pet owners for a host of animal issues such as cardiac health, arthritis, liver and kidney functions.

    The product is a supplement that contains 100 per cent pure cannabis sativa oil. Med Marijuana uses customized seeds using a certified grower through Health Canada.

    Sherry Martin gives her 18-month-old dog, Jade, a shot of Med Marijuana's Medi-Paws everyday.

    Martin gives him the cannabis drug as preventative measure because he is part German Shepard - a breed that is

    notorious for hip problems.

    "There are no psychoactive properties to it," Martin told CTV Calgary. "You won't get the munchies - - humans or pets. That's what makes it legal for over the counter sale."

    Canna-Pets is safe for animal consumption because the level of THC, the psychoactive ingredient, is only two to three parts per million -- well below Health Canada's benchmark of 10 parts per million.

    "The oil is pressed out of the seeds under very controlled conditions in an inert environment, which is key to maintaining medicinal properties of the oil," Martin said.

    So far, so good

    Wanda Vockeroth, a vet at Marda Loop Veterinary Centre, says that several of her clients use the cannabis supplement on their pets.

    "Some people say they've seen a lot of improvement but certainly it hasn't given any bad issues," Vockeroth told CTV Calgary.

    She said the cannabis drug seems to be especially helpful for arthritic conditions.

    "Their dogs seem to handle it very well, no bad side effects, and either improvement in movement and/or coat," Vockeroth said.

    The product is available at heath stores and some pet stores.

  • I'll make a note to ask Dr. Demers and Dr. DiNatale about it (and notice, please, that I am making an extreme effort to NOT say all the typical "Yep, I grew up as a hippie" things that came leaping to MY mind).

    Beyond the medicinal values (and I honestly know NUFFING about this at all -- the only medicinal cannabis use I'm familiar with is in cancer treatment for pain in humans) my biggest concern would be how processed the oil is and how it is tested. 

    to make that make more sense -- for example, the company that makes Marin & Denosyl & Denamarin ... as well as Adequan and Cosequin ... the company itself has an absolutely incredible reputation for turning out an extremely good quality product that is highly tested.

    HOWEVER -- I have a MAJOR problem with the fact that the way they 'test' Marin and Denosyl on animals with liver problems is they deliberately CAUSE diseases and problems IN the dogs in order to "treat" them and have the 'tests' be consistent and valid.  I honestly have a *huge* problem with that sort of "animal testing".  There are enough animals around with liver problems ... for the sake of numbers, to actually induce illness JUST BECAUSE it's an animal??  I have a huge problem with that.

    That being said -- that would be part of my concern in checking out **ANY** new company for something like this.  And I will check it out.  Thanks so much for putting it out there.

  • LOL, only in Canada EH!!!  My ex roommate used to swear on *hash brownies" when he was sore or had headaches!  I used to get the biggest laughs watching him make and eat the brownies!  Too funny!

    It'll be interesting to see where this issue goes!  I can't see there being enough tesing though for this to be reliable or safe for now.

    I guess we'll see though.



    I can't see there being enough tesing though for this to be reliable or safe for now.


    I know when I was treating Kobi for cancer some of the pain meds he was given had very little testing/research done on dogs.  

    I wonder if it would have any application for anxiety?

  • denise m

    I wonder if it would have any application for anxiety?

    Hard to say without the psychoactive ingredient (THC).