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Large Growth on Neck and Swollen Gland under Jaw

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Large Growth on Neck and Swollen Gland under Jaw
  • Hi,

    I am a new pet owner with my girlfriend and we have had a puppy, named Brutus, since he was 6 weeks old. He is now almost 5 months. He likes to play with other dogs and he normally plays with larger dogs, rather ones than his own size. He is about 30 pounds and he is an Akita Ridgeback mix.

    I went to hawaii with my girlfriend last week and Brutus stayed with my mom and her dog. He had fun and played etc. We came back home and he played with some more dogs in the dog park our apartment offers. While in the dog park I saw a little dog he had never played with before latch on to his neck... playfully (just the skin).  Later on in the day when i took him for a walk, I felt a hard vein in his neck; like it was inflamed. A few hours later, the top of his neck where this little dog had bit him swelled up to about the size of a chocolate kiss. I let this go thinking the swelling will go down, and over night it turned into a golf ball sized lump. Yesterday I gave him some benedril thinking it may have been a bug bite ( he has been stung by a wasp in the mouth before) and the swelling never went down. I tried to take him to the vet yesterday but my car broke down, so last night, I noticed his gland or muscle under his jaw was starting to sag. At times he chokes when he stands up after laying for a bit.

     This morning he was wimpering when you touch the lump on the top of his neck and he didnt want to get out of bed. He has a vet appointment for when I get off of work, but I was wondering if anyone knew what the lump may be? It is somewhat hard, but his sagging skin under his jaw is soft. I am thinking it may be a hematoma? Do dogs get these?

    And since he was playing with anothe dog, how can I tell if they are being too rough? He doesnt wimper when he plays, he just goes crazy.  Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  • I'm sorry your pup got injured.  I would get him to the Vet ASAP, even if you have to beg a ride.  He could have an abcess from the bite and if so needs some meds.  He could have some other injury.  We can only guess and speculate.  It sounds like he has some swelling that could be interfering with his throat and you don't want to mess around with anything that could cut off the air supply.  He is also in pain (the whimpering) and all in all he needs Vet care today.  Please do whatever you can to get him in today.  Keep us posted, he sounds like a wonderful pup.

  • Everything Jackie said -- that's nothing to mess with and you need to get him in as soon as possible.  It could be "nothing" or it could be something pretty serious (particularly if a gland actually got injured or if something got ruptured under there).

    To answer your question yes, dogs can get hematomas but that's not a typical place to get them -- often they'll get them in ears that have been injured either thru play or head-shaking from an ear infection.  Even so they are difficult to heal.

    Given this pup's age, it makes it dicey -- let us know please what happens?  and Good Luck!

  • *Update*

    I took brutus to the vet yesterday when I got off work and they said it was definitley an infection, but since the lump on his neck was hard there was most likley no fluid in there. The vet said we may have cought this issue really early on, and so with antibiotics hopefully it will kill the infection and a sac of fluid will not become a problem. If it does, they will lance it open. As for the fluid in his neck under his jaw, the vet said it was minimal so the antibiotics should clear it up. Brutus has been sleeping a lot and itching at the lump and hes taken two antibiotics already.

     Hopefully it will clear up soon!


  •  What a beautiful dog you have! I hope he is feeling better soon.

  • Good luck!!  I have a feeling it is more than just what happened at the dog park -- a sting or something in addition.  Glad the vet got to look at it.

  • I hope Brutus is feeling better soon!  He's absolutely adorable. :)

  • Well, after a few days of antibiotics the lump has become soft and he doesnt want to stop scratching at it. Last night it bled some while he was sleeping, so tomorrow we are going to take him in and they will lance it open to clean it out. At this point he doesnt even like the hot compress we try to apply and he runs and hides from us.

  • *update again*

    last night the lump burst open and bled everywhere. It looked increadibly painful so my girlfriend and I took him to a 24 hour pet clinic and got in after about an hour of waiting. I got brutus blood all over me, but everything turned out OK because they poked an additional hole to the one that already formed to drain the absest. He was bandaged up and given 4 days of pain releiver/ swelling meds.We are suppose to keep the holes open to let the lumb leak for the next two days, and then let it heal by itself due to the infection that was present. (rather than stitches.) He is continuing his antibiotics and last night he was on anestisia when we picked him up so he was a little loopy.

     Despite the holes in his neck I think he is feeling much better because all that pressure is gone. I can post pictures when I get home.

  • Wow, sorry you had to do the emergency vet thing but I would have too.  I'm sure that abcess was very painful and he should be feeling much better now. 

  • Wow -- that was some "dirty" mouth  that little dog had! sheesh -- gosh, I'm sorry it was such a huge mess but it IS better that it burst outwards.  Such things CAN rupture inside and go systemic so it's a good thing it got released.

  • Wow, sounds like an adventure!  So glad to read that it seems to be on its way to healing for poor Brutus.

    I had to call my DH in when I read the thread, your Brutus looks remarkably similar to my Sammy, a little different face structure, but gotta love the gorgeous brindle Smile

    Sincerely hope that it continues to heal!

  • Thanks you all for the advice and wishes. Here is a picture summary of what happend. The first is an image of when the absest first burst. By the time we got into the vet it was bleeding down his side. After he had the "surgery" they put him to sleep and he was still pretty woozy when he got home. And then the last image is of the next morning when we took the bandage off. He is feeling much better now, but still has some recovery time.


  • What a cutie boy you have there.  Glad to hear you're getting this dealt with.  I think the whole blood thing would have gotten me a little freaked out.  You did a good job.


    Johnny & Tessy