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Small Wart on Eyelid

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Small Wart on Eyelid
  • Rose has a tiny wart type thing on her upper eyelid. It is very small maybe 2mm. It is skin color. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. Has anyone seen this before. I'm going to take her to the vet this week. I was going to make an appointment for Friday because I have to go to Stillwater anyway. I won't go to the vet here because they are greedy and prescribe all kinds of unnecessary treatment for the money. I worked there for a month and refuse to use them.
  • Where is it?  Is it irritating the sclera or cornea (white of the eye/color of the eye) in any way?  Is it on the lid itself or the edge?

    I'd watch it for a few days and see if it changes AT ALL>  If it grows then find a vet and get there.  But otherwise Friday will allow you to watch it for a couple of days.  If it's irritating the eye then you may have to decide to do something else.  You might at least want to get some of the gel artificial tears and keep that eye well lubricated until you can get to someone you trust.

  • It is on the very edge of her eyelid. It doesn't seem to be irritating her eye though. I'll get some drops just in case. It just seemed to pop up and hasn't been growing, maybe getting smaller. She had the same thing before but it went away just as quickly as it came and it was almost like a little pimple on her eyelid. She has had it about a week and it hasn't gone away so its time for a a vet visit. I talked to the vet and they said they would probably remove it either that afternoon or Saturday morning. I'd like to get there sooner, but I don't think I can get in before then now.
  • That is pretty much what it likely is -- sometimes the core will come out easily and sometimes it has to be removed surgically.  Foxy's stayed static for months and then suddenly worsened and before it became something 'bad' we had it removed.  If the vet has to surgically remove it, an e-collar is a necessity so the dog doesn't scratch at it and tear the eye lid/eye.  But Foxy's healed just fine.  The vet actually cut a little 'v' out of the eyelid and sewed it closed but it healed great and you couldn't even tell a few months later.

  • That's pretty much what I imagined it would be like. I have a couple of e-collars, so that part is taken care of. She had to wear one when she got a piece of thread from her blanket wrapped around her foot while i was at work and it swelled to twice its size. That healed up really quickly. It looked a little red this morning, most likely from her rubbing her eyes which she does every morning when she wakes up.