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Canine Viral Papillomas- Mouth Warts... Help!!

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Canine Viral Papillomas- Mouth Warts... Help!!
  • Hi All-

     My 1 year old female Pug, Harlee, seems to have contracted a very contagious virus via her daycare. It is formally called Canine Viral Papillomas. Basically this virus causes same warts to form in the dogs mouth and lips, which eventually grow and become take a cauliflower shape. I noticed the first wart about a month ago, and since then she has developed 4 more - that have each grown.

    I have taken her to the vet to have them checked, and the vet assured me that they are very common and there is not really any treatment options. The warts should eventually disappear on their own- after a few months.

    However, I was hoping someone might have some suggestions about things I could do to help her heal quicker??!!  Should I get rid of her chew toys that might already infected ? Or are their any vitamin supplements that might help?

    I am really eager to get rid of these!!!...Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Smile

  • You can crush them with a hemostat...this is bloody tho. This stimulate the body to make the antibodies and shorten the process. Old school folks will also feed them to the dog for the same reason...I don't do the feeding but I have crushed, but the below works just as well and is a better choice for the squeamish.

    You can also give her some  L-Lysine...this is available in pill form at GNC. I give this twice a day to ALL the dogs when one has it...it takes weeks off the process. 500MG's per day for my dogs which are Beagles ranging from 13-22lbs.

    Be aware your dog is contagious esp to puppies or elderly dogs...and when they are gone they should not recur.

  • do keep an eye on the INSIDE of your Pugs mouth...being that they can have palate and breathing issues, and the warts are known to be inside the mouth and even in the throat this may be something to really watch.

  • The L-Lysine is a good option.  There are a couple of herbs that are good antivirals, and there is a homeopathic (Thuja) that is also good.  But it depends on how you want to treat.

    It IS a virus.  It IS very contagious. 

    If you want info on how to use either of those let me know.

  • I have been using the L-Lysine for over a week now, and I can tell that is really helping!

    Thanks so much for the advice. Smile

  • fyi - they don't always take the same shape -- Luna had them right after she came to us -- and one of them, no joke, was the shape of the Washington Monument in her mouth!!  It was about an inch long!!

    She had just licked her lips and I thot "what the heck is that she's got in her mouth now!!" and I took a swipe at it thinking it was goo on her fact.  It literally came off in my fingers -- WEIRD. 

    Then Billy got them from Luna and the one HE got we had to have removed.  It got HUGE and  was being fed directly by a blood vessel and began to bother him.  Never did return tho.

    Then Kee shu got one on her tongue -- it was just a flat thing -- almost looked like she had a piece of candy on her tongue.  It was flattened but had a very tiny root compared to how big around it was.

    It was pretty unsightly and she was bothered by it trying to eat.  The morning we went to have it removed (after several week) the darned thing literally just fell off. 

    They can be THE weirdest things.

  •  Hi I came across this site doing a search for dog warts. Our pooch had them and they went away thank God!! I figured I'd let you know about www.caninepapillomavirus.com Its a site dedicated to helping out dogs with dog warts. There are some great testimonials there of what people have gone through and they have an excellent ebook to help as well.

    We were so scared at first when they started showing up on our dog, but then realized it wasn't such a big. Gave us a big scare, but he is fine now.

    Figured Id share since its such a weird thing for dogs to get.

    Good luck.


  • Does anyone know if there are any side effect to the L-Lysine?  My dog has this and we started giving him the L-Lysine and it makes him pretty drowsy. Is this normal?

  • Mine have never shown any effect. How much are you giving?

  • 500 mg, once a day.   

  • It was so shocking when I discovered warts in my pups mouth!  I had never heard of such a thing happening to dogs! I tried L-Lysine for about 3 weeks, but it didn’t seem to be doing anything so I stopped giving it to her.  I then switched to a powder form of Vitamin C (be very careful if you give your dog Vitamin C as the pill form usually contains aspirin and it is dangerous to dogs).   I had also been giving her enzymes for about a month before I noticed the warts and I decided to double her dosage with that.  After about 1 ½ months, they seem to be going away.  I’m not sure if it’s what I’m doing or time, but I’m thankful they are leaving!   
  • I've never heard of these, are they painful like canker sores???? Just curious.....
  • No -- not like cankers at all -- they can assume most any form -- they can look like anything from a bit of cauliflower growing out of a lip or tongue -- Luna had several that were literally about an inch long and were 4-sided - it looked like a miniature Washington Monument growing out of the side of her mouth!!

    Some of them are super soft and squish off like they were fluff -- others don't come off easily. 

    They are VIRAL -- they are super contagious (they can get them from communal drinking water like at a kennel or from drinking water from a fountain at a dog park).

    Just be aware -- this is an old thread (over a year old) but the information above is useful for anyone.

  • Hi - I have a year old Bernese with warts - how much of the L-Lysine should I give him - he is aprrox: 110lbs. Thanks for the help!!!

  • I have a 110 lb year old Bernese with warts - how much L-Lysine should I give him per day? Thanks for the help!!