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Swollen Vulva...UPDATE

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Swollen Vulva...UPDATE
  • Tessy's vulva is swollen.  Any ideas what it might be?  For those who don't know she's on chemotherapy drugs for lymphoma treatment.  She takes dexamethasone (steroid) every two weeks and is getting 5mg pred daily also.  I tried a one week course of antibiotics on her and no luck.  I just started trying hot presses on it today but she's having none of it. 

    Now, she's starting to strain to pee.  She'll try several times and then sometimes a trickle will come out.  Due to swollenness??

    Any thoughts, recommendations or go away vibes would be appreciated.

    Thanks...and smooches from Tessy!

  •    Maybe an infection? 

     5 Causes of Dog Vulva Swelling - VetInfo 

    Vulva Swelling from Infection

    Some urinary tract infections can cause vulva swelling as a consequence of vaginal infection. Routine cleaning can help to prevent infection and treat an existing UTI, and a course of antibiotics or probiotics can help to cure the infection, preventing further swelling.

      Maybe she didn't have the right antibiotics, or wasn't given then long enough. Poor Tessy; she's been through so much. Sending healing vibes for her.


  • jessies_mom
    Maybe she didn't have the right antibiotics, or wasn't given then long enough

    I was thinking along the same lines and was thinking of asking for one of the bigger guns tomorrow when she goes for another treatment of chemo.  Baytril perhaps..two week course? 

    I also can't help but wonder if it's hormone related.  Maybe the drugs are messing with things.

  • Side affect from the meds?

    Poor Tessy...give her some smoochies from me.  Good luck with it.

  • It's probably a hellacious UTI -- could easily be e-coli or something and Baytril will kill that.  Can you get her some cranberry pills?  It will at least make her more comfortable.

  •  How's Tessy doing? Hope she's getting better.

  • Thanks for asking Janice! 

    I put her on Cipro over the weekend in hopes it might help but the vulva's still swelled. I'm not really sure what to do anymore. Seems that in the mornings she has harder times peeing and will walk around trying several times before a little bit comes out. As the day goes on she starts to pee a bit better.

    On top of it all her lymph nodes are starting to grow again. I tried a new drug last week but it did very little. Feeling slightly overwhelmed with trying to figure our next steps out. I'll be taking her in Friday to get a drug that she usually responds very well to. It's highly cardiotoxic and she's already over her accumulative dose limit for it. My fingers are crossed this works if not we're pretty well out of options.

    Thanks everyone.

  •  I'm sorry Johnny; I'll keep her in my prayers.

  • I'm getting a little worried.  The swelling doesn't seem to be going down and now it seems like her tongue?? is swelling some.  I'm not sure if it's her tongue or not.  When she's sitting it seems like her mouth is open a bit as opposed to being closed like it usually is.  When I try to feed her a small handfull of food it's like she has problems taking it.  Like she isn't using her tongue properly??

    Any ideas?  Any ideas on what I can give her to help???  I'm drawing blanks on this one.


  • Johnny&Tessy
    Any ideas?



  • JackieG

    Any ideas?



    I was talking to them and she has an appointment tomorrow at 1:00 for a chemo appointment.  I was told that pred is usually used as an anti-inflam and she's already taking 5mg daily.  She said I could up it to 10mg for a few days.  I also asked about benedryl and they said it wouldn't hurt.  I started her on the benedryl earlier this morning and still no change.

    I'm keeping a good eye on her....just wondering if there's something i'm missing. 

    I decided to give her ice cubes also...she didn't know what to think at first but once the otehrs started sniffing she must've thought it was a treat cause she growled and ran off with it. 


  • Sending good thoughts and vibes that you can get this resolved.  Giver her some scritches from me.