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gut sounds

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gut sounds
  • My 12 yr. old cairn has very loud burbly gut sounds this morn. 

    One month ago he had this after he picked up a dead bird.  He had some diarrhea and threw up a little, and wouldn't eat.   I took him to the vet, and she gave him a shot and pills (forgot what they were) which took care of the problem. 

    Now it is happening again.  He ate grass this morning, but eagerly ate his breakfast.  Right now he is sleeping contently in his crate (he can go in and out of it whenever he wants).  Is there anything I can do for his gut until Monday?  Should I give him some canned pumpkin or wait and see if he has diarrhea? 

    Any suggestions would be aprreciated.


  • a little plain yogurt might help the pumpkin is fiber and I don't think that will help