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Ivermectin pour on for flea control

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Ivermectin pour on for flea control
  • Does anyone here use this?  How often does it need to be applied? 


  •  I haven't heard of anybody using a dip in a long time. I have no idea how they're used, but if you have any herdy type dogs, be careful. They tend to be sensitive to ivermectin.

  • Are you talking about ProMeris? or .... ???

    Ivermectin only lasts in the body 24 hours -- I'm not aware of anything at all safe that uses ivermectin for *fleas* at all.  First off -- the flea would have to BITE the dog to die.  (Ivermectin stays in the bloodstream)

  • Ivomec pour on is not an effective drug for flea & tick control.  Injectable Ivomec can be used as a heartworm preventitive, but even then, it does a poor job of controlling other internal parasites.

    I've had good luck with Frontline, & Vectra for flea & tick control.  If you don't have ticks, then Advantage & Comfortis are both nice products as well.

  •  The ivermectin pour on I've seen is sold for livestock.

  • jennie_c_d

     The ivermectin pour on I've seen is sold for livestock.

    Yep.  We use it on our cattle.

  •  You have COWS!?!??!??

  • Yeah.  I've had cows for almost 15 years.  Nowadays, I have a business partner who handles most of the day to day work, & I handle all of the business side of it.  It's nice to a have source for grass fed beef to feed both us & the dogs.

  •  COWS.


    It's not a dip. You apply it the same as you would advantage.
  • Yes, it is sold under a label for cattle.  It is widely used on another dog forum I belong to but that forum is having technical problems right now and I can't access it.  They pretty much unanimously agree that its affective and its completely safe (of course its safe, its already used in dogs for heartworm protection and treatment).  I think its to be applied every week but I just wasn't sure.

  • Hmmm, I wouldn't be too keen in dipping my dog in chemicals every week!  The other flea/tick control products are monthly.  Also if you have to dip your dog once a week to keep fleas at bay, why not just get rid of the actual infestation?  To be honest my dogs haven't had a flea control in months and I haven't seen a flea in over a year (when we had an infestation which I treated - dog AND house - and only had to treat once).

    I use ivermectin (ingested) as a de-wormer but again, not once a week.

  • As I said above -- it's systemic.  I won't use ANYTHING systemic on my dogs -- first off it makes NO sense.  Why use a flea preparation that the flea has to BITE the dog to die.  And there has to be some further chemical that causes it to linger in the body because ivermectin is a 24 hour drug. 

    Advantage and Frontline and Vectra stay topical -- they either pool in the oil glands/hair follicles (Frontline and Vectra) or Advantage "crystalizes" over the skin -- but they don't go into the bloodstream.

    The only way ivermectin would kill a parasite is if it were in the bloodstream.  That's how it works -- when the blood-feasting parasite 'bites' the dog the ivermectin crosses the semi-permeable brain membrane of the parasite and it disrupts the nervous system SO totally that it causes the parasite to die.

    THAT is exactly why it is so dangerous to some breeds of dogs (many herding breeds, Irish Water Spaniels. Whippets, and others) -- it crosses the semi-permeable brain membrane of the DOG and it disrupts the nervous system and can cause death in a sensitive animal. 

    Ivermectin is a good drug for certain breeds ... BUT altering it so it stays in the body that way?  Man -- that would make me run for the hills.