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possible bot fly?

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possible bot fly?
  •  hello,

    my brittany mix and my bf's weimy are having issues deciding who is alpha and over the weekend a fight ensued. my dog got a small scrape on the lower part of his ear and the tissue was exposed about the size of the head of a tack. i just felt his ear and there is a good sized lump there, not huge, but larger than i would expect.


    he has fairly thin flappy ears with short hair, and my question is, do you think a bot fly larvae could embed in such shallow tissue. the reason i suspect it is because one of the rabbits at that residence was found to have 2 bot fly larvae's embedded in its skin just 3 weeks ago, so i know they are in the area.

     if the swelling does not subside he will be taken to the vet, but in the mean time i thought i would get some opinions on the bot fly issue. also any advice on how i should clean it, or if i should even touch the spot would be wonderful.


    thank you, 


  • It might be a hematoma due to the injury, dogs with those kind of ears get them pretty often.  I wouldn't think bot fly unless he's outside all the time.  Is the rabbit an outdoor rabbit?  That would make sense for the rabbit then, but not him.  I'd get it looked at anyway because if that's what it is they can get big and sometimes pretty painful. 

  • I'm going to guess hematoma just from the description and tussle between the dogs! 

    A hematoma is sort of a blood/fluid 'blister' -- the flap of the ear is really two pieces of skin (the outer piece that is joined to the top of the head/back of the neck and the inside piece that comes up from the ear canal/inside of the ear and they 'seal' together). 

    When an injury happens (and this happens most anywhere in the body) the body tries to send a protective fluid to 'protect' that injury but often on dogs the fluid builds up until if forms a darned big *sore* bubble.

    There are three things the vet will do or tell you to do:

     1.  The first is to simply do nothing.  Often in about 6 months or maybe longer that fluid will not only stop collecting but it will dissipate -- but then again sometimes it never goes away or becomes extremely painful.;

    2.  The next easy/simple thing is to simply aspirate that 'bubble' (the vet inserts a syringe needle in there and sucks out that bloody/watery fluid).  Now however, because this is from an injury, the body may continue to weep into that 'bubble' and it may fill up again ... and sometimes you can 'drain' that 2-3-4 times.  (I've actually aspirated them myself -- but it's not something I'd suggest someone do with a dog they don't feel 100% comfortable will allow them to do a procedure like this on them without fuss.)  Aspirating it is easy -- it's not a big deal to 'heal' but as I said you might have to do it more than once.

    3.  Some vets prefer to do a fancier surgery -- essentially what they will do is slit open the inside of the ear flap and using a punch (like a punch biopsy thing) they will actually put holes inside that inner flap and then sew it back up.  This creates a "drain" so fluid can get back out.  It tends to be messy to heal and it can be darned sore. 

    But then, #3 is why I learned to aspirate my own dogs hematomas.  But going at your dog with a syringe/needle can be way way more than most folks would want to handle.  But that describes it. 

    I honestly doubt bot fly unless this is a dog that spends a ton of time outdoors -- and usually the ear wouldn't be a place the bot fly would necessarily go for.  Shoulder? Top of head?  yeah -- but probably not an ear (body temp is a big deal to the bot fly **I think**).

  •  thank you both! i got berk up on the couch and with alot of "good boy"'s i was able to inspect it closer. it looks like the lump might be mostly scab and dried blood, i was able to lift a corner up a bit so it appears that its just dried blood clumped in his fur and attached to the scab. im definitely going to watch it for a few days though and hope it turns out to be just that and not a hematoma.


    to address a few questions, the rabbits are outdoors, they are actually belgian rabbits and the largest male weighs about 18 lbs right now! they belong to my bf's parents. i considered the botfly because after the fight we separated them and tied them out in the yard for a few hours and berserker had been laying on the ground during that time. hopefully we get them comfortable with their status in the pack soon, poor berky always comes out the worse for wear.

     thank you again, i will update in a few days and let you know how it looks :]

  •  1 week later....just a scab now, all is well :]