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broken nail

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broken nail
  •  I noticed my dog limping today. It seems to be his front right paw that is causing the discomfort. I can only see a nail that looks to be split, everything else looks fine. If I wanted to help him out by trimming or cutting the damaged nail, what tips/tricks/tools/advice can I use? I have a petticure (nail filing tool) and I have nail clippers. I do not want to cut the quick but at the same time I don't want to leave the cracked nail as is.right foot, closest digit to the camera

  • A heavy file, meant for acrylic nails, some super (or nail) glue, and the little nail papers. Do layers. That will seal the nail til it grows out enough to cut off.

  • When my terrier split his nail, he wouldn't put any weight on that foot.  He went nuts anytime I got close, so I took him to the vet, and they broke off the split piece.  He was a happy camper after that, and it grew back in fine.