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Badly Matted!

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Badly Matted!
  • That's a really common area to get matted. I'm sure that Daisy will look adorable, and I can't wait to see new pictures of her[:D]

    Starting on a different area, each time, is a good idea. You might also try setting her on top of something (I use the dryer) so that she won't be as wiggly.
  • My favorite grooming spray is Nova Pearls.  It works nicely yet doesn't build up on the coat.  And, it smells really nice.  You can find it at Petco and also Petsmart.

    I've also used and like--Foster & Smith Grooming Mist Plus Mink Oil--That was given to Willow by Janice, Rupert's mom at Christmas and it works great for tangles and matted hair. 

    Those two work the best as far as detangling.  I've also got Groomax Spa which is more just a deodorant and Miracle Coat which is a leave in conditioner that works well but I still prefer the Nova Pearls.  These are also at Petco, Petsmart.  There are more expensive things you can order, Paul Mitchell Pet is one and Coat Handler and Woof Cosmetics.  I just like being able to go pick up something rather than always ordering.

    She must have more, I'll keep looking.  [;)]
  • I'm sorry I agree w/ all of the other posters, I didn't realize she was so young. But make sure you buy her a sweater for the winter.
  • My favorite grooming spray is Nova Pearls. It works nicely yet doesn't build up on the coat. And, it smells really nice. You can find it at Petco and also Petsmart.

    That stuff smells so fresh and clean! My friend uses it on her GSDs. I use Buddy Spray, but I have no idea how it is on dogs with coat. I just use it because I love the way it smells[:D]
  • Caprice         How did it go at the groomers? Does Daisy looked skinned? Waiting to see pics.     
  • Well.... Daisy sure did get shaved!!!!
    Sorry I didn't reply sooner, been busy that last couple of days.  I will take some pictures of her tonight and post them.  Poor thing looks like a little rat!!!!  I asked them to keep her hair on her head longer, so now she kinda has an 80's do.  I bought her a sweater for when it is cold out.  She doesn't like it too much, but I think that she will get used to it. 
    Anyways, I will post some pics tonight.... But you all have to promise not to laugh at my little baby!!!!![;)]
  • Of course not! It's just hair, it'll grow back[;)]  I'm sure she's adorable!
  • Yes, the hair will grow back for sure!!!
  • Does she look like a Chinese Crested Yorkie-poo?
  • She'll grow back cuter than ever. Be carefull as she grows out as sweater can cause matting in friction areas such as around the neck and where the sweater incircles the leg. Can't wait to see the pics
  • Okay, so here she is.... I haven't been able to get a good photo of her... mainly because my camera sucks!


    And After.....

  • AWWW... She looks cute Caprice. Not as bad as You made it sound. Daisy has a very pretty face. She's a little sweetheart! Does she act different since her haircut?                                                                                              Cindy
  • Thanks Cindy,  She acted really funny the day she got her hair cut, I thinks she just felt a little insecure.  She wasn't herself.  But she is back to normal now.  She is being more cuddly because she wants to keep warm... I like that!
  • Best detangling product I've ever known is by Cowboy Magic.  Its a horse product but even a bearded collie breeder I know says its unbeatable.
    Just don't try and drive your car right after using it, you won't be able to hold the wheel.
  • Oh, she looks adorable! What a beautiful little girl!