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Dew Claw Fell Off

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Dew Claw Fell Off
  •  just this afternoon, stella's dew claw feel off. just fell off, without incident. her quick is exposed and she winces when i come near it, but other than that she doesn't seem to mind (although she's licking the area). she had an incident about a year ago when she jumped off the couch and her dew claw twisted around, and she was in 100x more pain at that time compared to now. I put some liquid bandage on it and wrapped it in gauze, should i just keep an eye on it for a couple days, or should i take her to the vet first thing tomorrow?

  • the TOE fell off, bone and all....since that is technically the dewclaw...the entire toe....that would be an amputation?

    If the nail itself is simple ripped away, most vets will clip it off and it will regrown...it hurts the dog a lot...yes you should take her in as the quick is a nerve and exposed nerves really should be attended to.

  • Agreed. To cut and or expose the quick is super painful for a dog. You should take it to the vet so it can be taken care of.
  • Willow just did the same thing today. The dark outer part of the nail split exposing the middle.  So, I guess I need to take her in tomorrow.  The vet is going to be like, YOU AGAIN???  She's licking it too.

    Hope your dog feels better soon!


  • Sammy's nails, on the bottom where they start to curve, tend to look somewhat split open to me -- but it's every. single. nail.  They never seem to bother him, so maybe it still protects the quick, and the vet has seen it before without making a fuss.... he's a weird boy, all right!

    But, yeah, if the nail just fell off it's probably best to have it looked at.  Hopefully it wasn't, as Gina said, a full amputation since I can't imagine that pain!  I would be leary of infection, even if only from her bothing it.  I would think it would take a bit of time for the nail to grow back as well so you would need some way to protect it.

    Hope your dog feels better soon!