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My dog ate some Antihistamine (Aerius)

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My dog ate some Antihistamine (Aerius)
  •  My dog just got into a cupboard and ate approximately 4 antihistamine tablets (Aerius), the box says that adults should take 1 every 24 hours.  She is not showing any signs if feeling ill but I am concerned about the quantity that she ingested.  I do have a call in to a friend that is a veterinarian but thought I would also seek alternate advice in the meantime. 

     Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • I don't know the answer but is there an emergency vet you can call (check the phonebook for an after hours vet) ?   They will need to know the active ingredient in the tablet and the number of mgs plus the weight of your dog to know if there's an issue.

  • The number for the ASPCA poison control is (888) 426-4435.  They do charge you... but it is well worth it especially in these situations.



    Good luck.. and I hope your pup is ok 

  •  All is well with my little buddy.  She obviously tried to eat some of the tablets but didn't like the taste and spit them out.  I had started to use the blister pack that she got into which made knowing how many pills she got into more of a guess.  She hasn't skipped a beat since the scare.

     Thanks so much for your responses!