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Radial nerve damage

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Radial nerve damage
  • My Lab/Shepherd Sallie was hit by a car 4 weeks ago. fracture to left rear foot, which is healing nicely, but the left front leg is just hanging there, flopping, and losing muscle tone. vet says radial nerve damage, and just wait and see. we keep up the massaging, range of motion, etc., but of course, are heartsick. amputation looms. but i would like to know if there is someone out there who makes a harness that would hold her leg up against the body as opposed to amputation. my wife, who is a nurse, fashioned a temp situation out of an ace bandage and it seems to work pretty good. now i need a pro model. does any one know who might make one?
    thank you
  • Is it possible for you to get her in water to do some swimming???
    This is the best exercise to get things moving and low stress on her poor little leg.
    Hugs to you little Miss Sallie
  • Dear Ilena: No, cannot get her to water at this location. Hope to be able to do that in the near future. Taking her back up to our place in Canada next week for some rest. Continue to do range of motion, etc. I would like to put her picture here, have (i thought)followed directions, but nothing seems to work. i do have her picture on photobucket though.
    thank you
  • Cole,
    where are you in Canada???
    Also, please give the link for your pic of Sallie, would love to see her.
  • Cole, have you considered chiropractic care. I have been doing some reading on nerve damage and if the nerve is not severed, there is hope. Also, during the healing process, you need to splint the leg so that there is minimal movement and this will give the nerve a chance to heal properly.

    Tons more prayers coming your way.
  • Brenda is in Canada.  She doesn't post here anymore, but someone a little savvier than I am with this stuff could maybe dig up her e-mail address for you.  If  I remember right, didn't she have some sort of sling/harness thing made for one of her dogs? I can't remember exactly what was wrong with her dog, but whatever company this is probably makes slings & things for other ailments and/or conditions, too.
  • I sent you Brenda's email -- she had a brace made for one of her dogs with patellar problems.  I would think it is possible that the company (who IS Canadian by the way) might be able to do a brace for your dog.
    My suggestion would be acupuncture -- depending on where you are in Canada there are some super good acupuncture vets up there.  Try [linkhttp://www.chi-institute.com]http://www.chi-institute.com[/link] -- and on the left side you will see a link to non-US providers.
  • we have a place off mt baldy road up from osoyoos. my wife is Canadian, born in Lacomb, Alberta. any help you can give on some kind of device would be most appreciated. We live in Oregon most of the year, but our heart is in Canada.
  • [linkhttp://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g259/ccordray/DSCF0463.jpg]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g259/ccordray/DSCF0463.jpg[/link]
    that should be the link to Sallie's picture. if someone could show me the simple way to put it on as my avatar i would really appreciate it.
    thank you
  • Cole,
    she is so beautiful, I just want to kiss her face:)!!
    Callie sent you an email with Brendas address, she is really good at stuff like this.

    Save that image above to your computer.
    To put that image above as your avatar go to " my profile" at the top and then scroll down to where it says "my avatar" and "upload my picture (will replace existing one...if there was one before)
    and upload that image that you saved:)
    Hope you dont mind I posted the picture, resized and cropped it so its easier to see:)
  • I emailed Brenda, and then the fellow that made the cast, and am now waiting for the reply. She responded quickly with lots of help. by the way, when i went to post the picture it said it was too big?

  • hey cole:)
    I resized the picture to the same size as mine so save it and try uploading it again, it should work this time:)

  • Hurray!!!! works great, thank you very much. almost breaks my crusty old heart!!
  • Cole, so glad it worked for you.
    Now we just have to figure out why our post numbers are remaining at the same number.
  • Ms Cathy Erwin from Walkabout harnesses may have the solution. Depending on prognosis, this may be the way to go. For some reason, Sallie is not eating and has loose stools. She has been listless for a day. I am wondering if it could be pain, or some other thing. She will not touch her regular food. I think Jeanette is going to try to feed her some cottage cheese and see if that will help - any ideas?