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Torn paw pad

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Torn paw pad
  • Hey need a little guidance here.  Too early to call the vet just yet, but thought I would see here.  Last night Sydney was playing frisbee with me like every night and she tore part of the  big pad off her front right foot.  It isn't bleeding but she is limping.  Cleaning with a water/hydrogen peroxide mixture, a little neosporin and a clean bandage.  Anything else I can do for her?  She is limping (which is how I found it) but is there anything else the vet is going to do for her?



  • Don't use peroxide much, if at all -- Betadine is MUCH better.  Peroxide kills skin cells and can inhibit healing a lot.  If you goo a TON of Neosporin Pain on it, cover with a folded gauze pad and then use wrap around gauze and wrap it WAY UP (to the shoulder -- trust me -- it will help it stay on!!) and then put vet wrap over the top of it.  don't bind too tightly.

    If it heals fine -- but if he's still limping even tomorrow morning I'd take to the vet.

  • We've had plenty of torn paw pads around here from frisbee, herding, etc. They always heal fine on their own without going to the vet. Just clean it up and wrap it up with vet wrap. Mostly the vet wrap is just to give the foot some extra cushion for comfort. In reality, the pad will heal even without wrapping it up. Think of it as a torn blister on your foot. Uncomfortable but not something to go to the docs over
  •  Thanks for the advice guys.  She is still limping a bit and it looks like the hide was torn off.  I bound it up after cleaning it and putting Neosporin on it.  She kindly waited about 3.4 seconds after I turned around before removing it.  It isn't seeping anymore, not bleeding and looks like it might be drying out but still a little wet because I just caught her licking it.  Still looks like it smarts though...owwie.  I'll try to keep her from messing with it and let it dry out.  Any other advice, let me know.



  • I spray bitter apple spray or "ick" spray on paw bandages to keep them from licking it. Sometimes I will wrap with vet wrap then put a snow bootie on over that. Worst case you can put a head cone on the dog. If it is drying out that's a good sign. You obviously don't want her licking it though.
  • Agreed to everything the posters before me said :)

    We have tons of torn pads, never a need to go to the vet. If the paw swells or begins to drain the vet will be necessary for antibiotics (or peace of mind if you just want them to look at it). These things do heal nicely on their own. A stint in an cone collar can help if the dog is bothering it. Otherwise, unwrapped it will heal best. A deep gouge we will treat for a few days with triple antibiotic ointment and a booty, changing several times a day after that, let it heal on its own. Limping is fine... it is very painful (think a raw spot on your own foot). Never use peroxide more than once, after that betadine. A little licking is fine and will keep it clean and help it heal... a lot of licking or obsessive licking will need a cone.