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Chocking cough, runny nose, and goopy eyes.

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Chocking cough, runny nose, and goopy eyes.
  •  I'm sorry I dont have any pictures at the moment, but I'm very concerned. D:


     I adopted a pitbull mix puppy three weeks ago and he's got this bad cough and runny nose all the time. It's like he's chocking on something when he caughs, but I cant see anything down his throat. He coughs a lot when I paly with him outside, too... It reminds me of my other dog when she had Congestive Heart Failure. I cant lose another dog to that illness.... It would just kill me.


    The runny nose scares me as well. I was thinking he might have a sinus infection or something because the discharge looks like puss. And there's a lot of it... His blanket is sometimes just covered in blotches of the stuff.


    And about his eyes, he had surgey to repair his Cherry Eyes. He had to wear a cone on his head for three weeks (I adopted him a week after his surgery) and his eyes looked good the entire time. And his eyes looked good a week after the cone was taken off, but now his eyes are very swolen in the morning and the left eye is swollen all the time. I'm scared he has gotten an infection in them, and that would be upsetting after all the time I spent putting the antibiotics in his eyes and keeping his face clean. His eyes also get some discharge thats a milky white color or yellowish.


    Anyway, I really hope someone can shead some light as to whats going on here. Please and thank you.

  • The coughing, choking and runny nose sound like kennel cough. The eye problems sound far more serious and you really need to get him into a vet ASAP. They'll be able to help you with both of the problems. Good luck to you and let us know what you find out.

  •  My dad wont make a vet appointment because he doesnt think anything is wrong, but I keep pestering him about it all the time... I'm really scared, you know? What if it's a bad infection and he goes blind? I'll hate myself forever if that happens!

  • I'm sorry, but your dad is a *(*^&(&^@(*%^@.  I can't post what I'd like to say for fear of getting in trouble.

    This most definitely sounds like kennel cough, which can be very hard on a young puppy.  Call the vet's office and make an appointment -- make sure they know you're bringing in a potential kennel cough case.  Some clinics have a special procedure to make sure you don't go infecting all of the animals there, as it is VERY contagious.

    Get your mother's help if your dad is so unhelpful.  You shouldn't have been allowed to get a puppy at all if the family is not going to take care of it.

  •  He's very stubborn... And greedy when it comes to money, and yeah, I would agree with you, but I love my dad a lot. ^__^"


     Is there anything I can do for the time being to lessen the symptoms of the cough? because it does wake him up in the middle of the night and I feel bad.


     UInfortunately, my mother is out of the picture... So I'm on my own with this. I'll just have to flat out do things myself I guess, even if I do get in trouble, but it's totaly worth it. This poor puppy has been through so much since he was born and he doesnt need anymore problems.


    Well, we originaly got him because my brother wanted a puppy, but then my brother wanted nothing to do with Edward because he's a pitbull. (And that upsets me to no end. D:< He's just a puppy!) So I spend 90% of my time taking care of him and I dont mind. He's such a love and I like taking care of things. ^__^ I didnt expect my father to not want to take him to the vet, honestly...

  • You can love your dad and your puppy :) but right now the puppy is relying on the humans to take care of him. Between being a puppy, having kennel cough and what sounds like an eye infection, this little guy is very sick. There are no home-care options for treating him right now. Tell your dad that you'll do extra chores, whatever you can think of to cover what it costs. Let him know that this is a responsibility to you and you don't want to let this pup down. If you honestly cannot convince him to take the pup to the vet, the only other option would be to find a no-kill shelter that would take him in and get him cared for. If giving him up means saving his life, then that might be what you have to do. I'm sorry that you're going thru this but mostly I want to see this puppy taken care of.

  • I hate to sound harsh but if you don't have the means to pay for Vet care and are dependant on your Dad to do so and he won't, then you need to return this dog to where you adopted him from.  Owning a dog is a responsibility beyond what many minors can afford and this dog really needs a trip to the Vet.  Don't let him suffer because you made a mistake in getting him.  We all make mistakes and I know you care about the dog and his suffering.  Sometimes when we care about something we have to give it up.  Everyone on this forum is a dog lover and so are you but until you are in a position to pay for Vet care you should not have a dog.  If you can't return the dog, then try and work something out with your Dad to pay him back with chores or odd jobs.  Good luck.

  •  I feel really bad, like I screwed up somewhere. Seriously, I gave him his meds just like I was shown and told, I keep his face clean, I take him out for long walks, I practicly smother him with love and I let him sleep on me if he wants. (Because he's just to cute to say 'no' to. XD) But why is he still getting sick? I feel like a bad dog aprent...


    I'm going to talk with my dad tonight and see if I can get him to make an appointment for Saturday. Monday at the latest. I want nothing more then to get Edward better as soon as possible, but I dont want to give him up.... But if I cant, then I just might have to. >: That will be my last resort, alright?

  •  I'm not a minor. I'm over the age of 18. In any case, it wasnt a mistake when we got him because I had everything planned out. This is a whole new thing now.


    I'm trying to get a job ASAP to pay for things on my own, but I'm sure if I nagg the living daylights out of my dad, he might do something.  My last resort will be to take him back to the orginaization I adopted him from... I hope it doesnt resort to that though.


    And it's okay to be a little harsh. I know you mean well, so I'm not insulted in any way. 

  • I rescued one of my dogs from a shelter and she had kennel cough too. It's very common when they're stressed in their environment and then exposed to other dogs who are sick. It's not your fault at all. It's not your fault about his eyes either. Infections following a surgery, especially in the eyes, is non uncommon. You've probably done everything perfectly right but dogs still get sick. In one 3 month time period, I probably spent over $3000 on my dog because of serious skin infections. My credit card company loved me :). The point is that inspite of doing everything right, Edward is sick and as much as you'd want to, you can't love him back to good health. Tell your dad that if there's nothing wrong with Edward, the vet visit shouldn't cost more the $30 or $40. If he's wrong and there is something wrong, then you'll both have to make the decision on where to go from there. If you can get him in tomorrow, that would be the very best thing.

  • CatsOnMarz
     I'm not a minor. I'm over the age of 18.


    Sorry, I assumed and that's always a mistake. LOL 

  •  Thank you, youre very otivational and good with words. :3 I'll deffinately try my best to get him to a vet, and I'll contact you after I get him there.


    But wouldnt it be amazing if you could give them all the love in the world and they get better? Life would be so much better that way...

  •  yeah. It's a common mistake through the way I type. ^__^" You know, the cute little faces and what not? But thats okay. X3

  •   Hi; I wanted to welcome you to the forum.Big Smile I agree with the others that this requires a vet visit ASAP and I hope you can convince your dad to take him tomorrow.  I lost a puppy many years ago when I was still living at home (I was 14). He had severe diarrhea and my mom couldn't drive so we had to wait until Saturday, my dad's day off, to take him to the vet; he died in my arms on the way. I'll keep you in my thoughts; please keep us posted.

  • The problem is what you are describing could be something pretty darned serious -- it could be something like parvo.  Call a vet and explain the situation and literally tell them you're willing to work off the debt cleaning kennels, etc. if they'll help you get started with this pup.