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Pau D'Arco
  • It has been awhile since I posted about my ACD Myrt.We had been fighting a skin infection that is a autoimmune reaction.Back in Nov.07 she was taking prednisone and cyclosporin modified.The sores went away while she was taking this stuff but started to come back after being off the pred and cyclosporin a month.My vet told me she needs to stay on the pred and cyclosporin.I could not accept this and started looking for other options.

    A Naturopath recommeded Pau D'Arco.It is used for alot of health problems.Fighing infections,colitis and alot more.Check out www.naturalviewpoint.com   Click on pet remedies or www.azmira.com

    Myrt has been taking Pau D'Arco since Feb 1st. One sore has started to heal.One of the lumps under her skin has gone away and the other two are getting smaller.She is also being detoxed.

    I'm so happy to have found Pau D'Arco! I want to tell everybody about it.There are alot of herbs that can be used to heal us and our fur kids.I hoping that Pau D'Arco will help Myrt with her food problems.She has to have high fiber food.

    My next step is to find a vet that doesnt leave me feeling like Myrt's case is hopeless.

    The help line at azmira.com was a great help and all it cost was the long distant phone call.I was about ready to send a homeopathic vet in Conway Ar. $120.00 for one hour of time on the phone to help me with Myrt.

    Cyclosporin modified 100mg cost $160.00 for 30 caps. Pau D'Arco cost $15.15 for 100 caps. 

  • I hope the vet weaned her off the cyclosporine?  It's very steroid-like and if you take them off it too fast they will rebound.

    Pau d'arco is one of many herbs that will boost the immune system.  It's a good one that I use a lot, BUT be aware you will need to switch off it to a different herb after a few weeks (like a month) -- the immune system will "get used to" it and it will stop working.  You have to keep the immune system challenged or it will simply ignore things.

    My dog had IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia) and HE just got off cyclosporine last October.  It's a delicate dance to keep them well -- and often the drugs that just kept symptoms "at bay" but never really attacked the disease *cause* deep in the body just chase infection and inflammation around in the body.

    I have found an awesome homeopathic vet near me who is having some awesome results with Billy.  His comment to me as we were discussing all of Billy's "stuff" was "it's as if Billy's immune system is sort of stuck in an "on" position -- not an effective one.  He stays inflamed and infected and just goes from one place to another to show up.  We need to re-teach the immune system to function normally.  A normal immune system should go 'on and off' -- ON when the body is threatened by bacteria, virus, or allergen ... but then once that threat is gone the immune system should shut off and relax.  Billy's doesn't.  It's like it's just 'stuck' -- and we need to fix that".

     He's doing an auto-sanguis treatment along with various other homeopathics to detox and nudge his body to normalcy.  wow -- the great results are awesome.

     My first suggestion would be to tell you to find a good TCVM vet (traditional Chinese veterinary medicine).  They are absolutely masters at helping support the immune system without triggering the auto-immune components.  They'll be able to help support you with a wide variety of not just herbals but various foods that will actually help (and I'm really not talking about just 'diet' -- it' s more than that).

    If you go to the http://www.tcvm.com website there is a locator on the left that will help you find a good competent vet that can help you.  Good luck.  Feel free to email me if I can help.

  • It's good to hear from you Callie.Thanks for letting me know about the Pau D'Arco and the immune system getting use to it.All the TCVM vets are over 100 miles from me.I do think it is worth my time to call them.

    What about using Echinacea? I also have Calendula tincture.It is for healing of the skin. 

    Myrt's been thur he!! with all the drugs and the surgery to remove infection back at the end of August last year.

    What is auto-sanguis treatment? 

    The last time Myrt saw her vet I felt like she did not know what to do except tell me Myrt needed to take pred and cyclosporin for the rest of her life.I did tell her about the Pau D'Arco and she had no problem with trying it but didn't know anything about it or herbal medicine.

    I dont know what to do about heartworm prevention for Myrt. I'm not going to have any vaxx's done this year and I wish I had'nt had her vaccinated last year while all this was going on. I know it didnt help her at all.Her vet at the time sure didnt say no to vaxx's.