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Bloody diarreah

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Bloody diarreah
  • This morning I woke up, and when i went downstairs to let my dog out of his crate he had really bad diarreah with some blood in it. As i was cleaning out his crate he threw up alot of brown fluid. I waited a little while and then i fed him a small ammount of kibble, but he threw it up after about an hour. Now his diarreah has gotten much worse, everytime he goes there is an increasing ammount of blood in it, and his stool has become a dark brown/black color and it has an odd smell. I would really like to take him to a vet but my parents wont be home untill tommorow evening and I have no way of getting to a vet.

    I'm worried about him because he is not as energetic or happy as he usually is, and he wont touch any food. I have provided him with plenty of water but he is not drinking it so i'm scared he will become dehydrated.

    Also, I once took him to the vet one time for having some blood in his diarreah, so the vet recommended to put him on a sensitive stomach diet, which i did, but this time it seems worse.

     Any advice? Could this be serious?

  • this could be **extremely** serious -- it could be blood (usually black stool has blood in it) -- and seriously can you make any arrangements to GET to a vet?  Ask a friend ... anything?  This is truly an e-vet crisis because this sounds like it is rapidly deteriorating.  Even if you have to ask a neighbor or do something drastic to make arrangements I would do it.  He could literally be so sick he may not make it. 

    You MUST get liquid in him -- try ice, try dribbling water in the side of his mouth with a dropper (put the tip of the dropper behind the canine tooth). 

    Pick up the skin on the scruff of his neck between your thumb and first finger and then release it.  Does the skin snap right back or does it sort of stay stuck together and just slowly slides back down?  That's a sign of severe dehydration and again this is an emergency.

    Do you have access to any Pedialyte?  That would be better than water. 

  • yea his skin kinda droops down slowly, I've tried giving him ice cubes but he wont touch them. I'm going to try contacting my friends/relatives and see if they can get him to a vet. I live far out in the country, far away from any neighbours and people that i know.

  • Yes. Bloody diarreah is a serious problem. You can't wait around for treatment, so do whatever you must to get your furry friend to the vet.

     My Shiloh Shepherd recently injured a leg and they gave me Rimadryl to give to reduce pain (the leg was technically okay except for a bruise that was forming a blood clot). I only gave her one dose (she's a 90lb dog) and that single dose caused her to stop eating and eventually she began to have bloody diahrrea. If the blood is bright red, it's coming from the colon rather than deeper inside the digestive tract. They gave me two medicines for my dog to treat the loss of appetite and bloody diarrhea. One treated the colitis and immediately the blood stopped. The other medicine coated the stomach to protect it. She immediately got her appetite back, however, she has continued to have a little bit of trouble vomiting so we aren't 100% over the problem yet but for her, any time something disrupts her digestive system, it takes a long time and a lot of work to get things back on track.

     I hope everything works out okay for you and your friend.

  •  Please update this when you have more news.  We're crossing fingers and paws for you!

     (When I read "bloody diarrhea" and "odd smell" I think pancreatitis.  It's treatable, but, yes, need to get to the vet ASAP.  I hope you found someone to take you! <3)

  • First thing I thought of when I read this was Parvo, but how old is your baby?
    Second thing I thought of what...Max went through this. It turned out to be really bad food poisioning.

    Deffinatly take him to the vet, I understand that transportation is an issue. Where are you from? Maybe someone on here might live in the same area and they could give you a lift. We are all here for the same purpose...our animals.

    While you are waiting for transportation try this :: BOIL hamburger and rice.
    This should firm up their stool, but feed it in small amounts (sit and watch him eat) when he finishes the 1 bit, then give him some more, but don't just let him down it all at once.
    I would say start with 1-2 cups, if he can keep it down give him a little more.
    Keep his water fresh and accessible,

    and as GraniasBard said, keep us updated!
    Good luck!

    Jessie and Max

  • Any time a dog has bloody diarrhea AND vomiting, it needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian.  Do not attempt to treat the dog at home.  There are some simple causes for this, but there are also some very serious ones, and only a vet can tell which is which in time to treat your dog properly.

    Diarrhea and "odd smell" could be pancreatitis, or HGE.  Both are emergencies.   

  • From your description, your dog is having an upper GI bleed. The brown emesis (throw up) is called coffee ground emesis and the dark blood in the stool is blood from the upper GI tract that is digested by the bacteria in the colon. This explains why your vet was initially worried about gastritis or a "sensitive stomach". I would imagine that it has progressed and you should get evaluation by your vet. The odd smell is the digested blood in the stool, it has a very characteristic smell (horrible). I can tell the second I walk into a patient's room that they have an upper GI bleed soely based on the smell. Pancreatitis does not routinely cause GI bleeding, but it is possible to get stomach erosions from repetative emesis from pancreatitis, but this wouldn't be high on my list. The smell of the stool for pancreatitis is different and is from impaired fat digestion, not blood. You should go to the vet immediately for further evaluation.
  •  How's your dog doing; sending lots of healing thoughts.