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Is this Rectal Mucosal Prolapse?

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Is this Rectal Mucosal Prolapse?
  • I have a one year old yellow labrador female who has a red ring around her rectum when she poops.  I have read in my books and online trying to find out what this is.  I have started feeding her easy to digest dog food and a little mineral oil as a stool softener, but it hasn't made any difference. 

    Any ideas of what this is and what I can do about this would be appreciated. 



  •  If you're concerned, see a vet, but in my experience it is normal to see some 'red" around the anus during elimination. I'd start getting concerned if the tissue remained visible after the dog was done pottying.

  • Sammy has that too, but it's been there the entire time we've had him (yr and a half or so) and never seems to bother him or anything.  As mentioned, if it goes away right away then probably normal but if anything seems out of the ordinary, ask at the vet's.

  • Thanks for the replies.  After she is done pooping there is no red and it doesn't seem to bother her at all.  I'll keep my eye on her and if it ever seems to bother her, or if anything changes, I'll take her to the vet.  Next time i'm at the vet for a regular checkup, I'll ask also.

    Thanks again :)