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Breath that smells like urine?

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Breath that smells like urine?
  • I've heard this can be a sign of kidney disease, and Maggie has breath that smells like cat pee despite me not having a cat or her having access to toilet water or something similarly disgusting.  Of course Maggie does lick herself a fair amount so i suppose that might be a cause as well.  Other than the breath change, she's acting completely normal.

    Anyone ever experience this smell on a dog's breath? 

  • I'm sorry to sound dumb, but I'm not a cat person (allergic as sin) so I haven't a clue what that smells like.

    HOWEVER -- if a dog's breath smells like acetone (a bit like nail-polish remover) -- VET SOON.  Because that IS truly the smell that is associated with renal problems .... and I've panicked a couple of times when I thot I smelled something and had the dog looked at.  Never been sorry either!  Kidney problems are something you just can't find TOO early.

     Good luck, and darned good nose!!

  • Cat pee just smells like very concentrated urine; a really strong ammonia smell really.  Acetone is like nail polish remover, right?  it certainly doesn't smell like that - for some reason I thought that was a sign of diabetes.

    The smell has gone away over the last 4 hours, so I'm wondering if she's licking herself while I'm gone.  Who knows. I'm going to try and talk to the vet at work tomorrow and see what she recommends.