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Mouth Ulcers in Dogs??

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Mouth Ulcers in Dogs??
  • I have a 2yr old German Shepard and have just noticed 2 lumps in his mouth. They dont seem to be causing him any pain but. I know they have just popped up. There is swelling around the area. Does anyone know what they are? They look like mouth ulcers but I am no expert.I have included a picture to show you what I mean. Any help would be great. Jim  

  • Good catch -- and honestly my response is going to be to tell you to take that dog in for some bloodwork.  Kidney problems can show up in mouth ulcers.  A dog can 'hide' symtoms of things and you may not even KNOW they're having a problem until you see a symptom like this.
    Generally mouth ulcers are indicative that something's wrong in the stomach -- too much acid or base somehow and that's not typical.  I wouldn't wait -- I'd go to the vet like Monday.  It might not be anything 'big' but it could be the earliest warning you would get OF something nasty.
  • Thanks for the help. Will take him first thing tomorrow. Will you keep you posted on what the vet says Jim