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Lower jaw quivering

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Lower jaw quivering
  • Hi everyone...my gf wanted me to post on this forum about their family dog. Their toy poodle, Niki, is about 5-6 years old. At times (not all of the time) her lower jaw will quiver, chatter like when someone is cold. The vet says that acid reflux is causing this, which seems like an odd diagnosis. Has anyone else experienced this with their dog and if so, what was the diagnosis? She has an appointment with another vet coming up to get a second opinion but we're just concerned...thanks!
  • I have no idea, I hope you can figure it out.  Welcome!
  • My dog hasn't done with is a while because she's not been well, but we use to see it quite often and it baffled us. The one day I finally realized she would do this chattering thing right after licking her back or her privates or her thigh--something that she really had to curl and reach to lick. So I determined that the chattering was probably from straining or over-stretching her jaw to reach her back end.
  • The vet says that acid reflux is causing this, which seems like an odd diagnosis.
    That is an odd diagnosis. I have never heard of this before. I suppose he didn't prescribe an antacid to help either. Weird.
    I know when one of mine gets really upset about something his chin will quiver like that.
    It could be seizure related. Please keep us abreast of what the problem is and welcome to the forum.
  • It could be seizure related. Does she appear to shake anywhere else or is it just her lower jaw?
    When we first adopted Murphy from the canine rescue, he would sit with us and he would 'shiver' like he was cold. We would be sitting on the couch, nice and snuggly, and he would do this. It puzzled me because it was nice and warm. Then about a month after we adopted him he had his first full blown seizure...... and the vet and I concluded that those little 'shiver' episodes were mini seizures or Murphy feeling one coming on.
  • Sierra does that too..  I personally don't think they should be worried.
    She does it right after she's been licking herself... in not-so-pleasant places [&:] if you know what I mean.

    It probably just means the dog will have poo-breath for a minute or two [:D] lol
    Not the perfect time to request kisses...