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Please help! Excessive panting & Dry Heaving

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Please help! Excessive panting & Dry Heaving
  • Hello-
    I'm a first time puppy mom an i'm a bit worried about my dogs behavior. She's a 7 month old shih tzu. I notice that she seems to dry heave a few times, right after running and playing. At first I thought it due to her eating little lint balls here and there, but it seems to come on after increased activity. Also, yesterday and today, she had excessive panting that only improved with her naps throughout the day. I've been giving her fresh cold water throughout both days, ice cubes, and i even trimmed her hair and gave her a nice bath to cool down. Nothing has seemed to work. We went for her walk this evening, and she seemd normal and excited. When we returned home, her panting resumed, and she dry heaved several times. I called her vet, an they're closed due to the holiday. I called the ER Vet, and there'e only one vet working with several emergencies and i was told to call back in 3 hours. I just hate seeing my baby so uncomfortable- and don't know if this is serious or normal. Does anyone know what to do?
  • Golly Bellijones, I am sorry this is so late, I just saw this thread.
    How is your little one doing?
    Have you checked her airway to make sure nothing is stuck in her throat?
    Have you gone to the ER vet yet and if so what was the out come or are you still having problems.???? Please respond and let me know.
    Again, I'm sorry nobody responded to your distress call prior to this.
  • This isn't normal and it sounds like it could be something serious, like heart to me.  Keep her very calm -- no long walks, nothing to see if it DOES stimulate her.  Out when she asks and then quiet her down again and then take her to YOUR vet tomorrow.  don't let them put you off -- this could be serious.  If the receptionist says "well, I have an appointment Friday, tell them NO.  Ask to speak TO the vet or have the tech go ASK the vet. 
    Panting can be a sign of oxygen deprivation - it's nothing to fool with when it's not called for.  Now a dog lying in a hot area will pant, but this doesn't sound right and I'd think a blood panel and a full check up should be called for, particularly in a pup.
  • BELLIJONES and All,
    Really glad to find this string..my dog Bella is doing the EXACT same thing! She is a 5 yr old border collie mix and about a month ago she started the dry heaving thing, but only after drinking water and it was a dry heave/sneeze combo thing. I brought her to the vet and they did some x-rays which showed no blockage. She did mention that Bella's heart looked a little small but she didn't seem concerned about that. She said dehydration could be causing that (if she's sneezing/dry heaving when she drinks and possibly not taking in enough water). They sent me home with antibiotics and after completing the entire perscription without improvement, I brought her back to the vet (different vet in the same office). This time they told me perhaps some kind of dog type asthma or bronchial thing. He sent me home with Theophylline and Prednisone. Now, the dry heaves are less (still present) but she started 3 days ago with the excessive panting. I read online that prednisone can cause that so I discontinued the meds 3 days ago as well. The panting is still there and constant...all day and night. She lives a completely stress free life, with me often and has always had run of the house.
    I also notice that her nose is dry all the time. She is drinking water (despite the sneeze/dry heave) and I try to give it to her constantly.
    The vet also tested for heart worms but that came back negative. I'm at a complete loss and sympathize with you Bellijones...my baby is not feeling well and I know it and I don't know what to do!!
    How is your dog now and what steps did you take?
    Does anyone have any advice?
    Thank you!!

  • Cara; Welcome to idog; I'm sorry to hear about Bella. Did you take her off the pred all at once or gradually? It is hard on a dog's system to suddenly stop the Pred and can cause problems such as panting and weakness. You need to take her to the vet again and tell them about the excessive panting.  I would follow Callie's suggestions about keeping her very calm; no exercise until this is resolved. Please keep us posted