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Do ticks die in bath

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Do ticks die in bath
  • I know fleas die when you bathe the dog, but do ticks that are attached?  Or the ones that are not attached yet?
  • I dont think so... I've found ticks on my dogs while bathing and after baths.  I've used a flea/tick shampoo, but I dont think it was very effective.  Your best bet at flea/tick prevention would be to get a topical product like Frontline, Advantage, or K9 Advantix.
  • No ticks do not die with the bath water, attached or unattached.  It is difficult to kill them.  I second the suggestion of Advantix or Frontline Plus.  Or you can use a tick prevention collar.   When I remove them I put them in alcohol.
  • Hi -- Hollysmom -- even *fleas* don't die in the bath!!  They get 'stunned' is all.  Unless a flea is totally and completely 'flat' it is NOT dead, but merely stunned.  That's why it's always important to comb them after a bath to remove any stunned fleas cos they'll come right back.  I either pop them between two fingernails or drop them into a basin of very very soapy water or alcohol.  If flea soap was strong enough to actually 'kill' fleas it would be toxic to the dog and you.
    Ticks don't die in a bath either -- and they are almost totally indestructible -- you have to either cut them in half or completely crush them.  That exo-skeleton of theirs is like armour. 
  • i remember when i was little and lived in a tick area my brothers used to pick the ticks off our dog and smash them with rocks...... glad i dont hafta deal with those things where i live now ;)
  • Seems to be a bad year for ticks, we are having a big problem with them.
    Here's all you wanted to know about ticks and how to eliminate them.
  • I don't want to go to much off topic but tick season seemed to start early here also. We had a cat come into the clinc in March that had 23 ticks in one ear, thats when we knew we were in trouble for the summer.

    I use revolution on my dog. I find it works the best around here because it also prevents heartworm along with ticks and fleas. I had a dog die of heartworm when I was 17 so now I do what I can to protect my current dog from the same fate. First it protect agenst ticks and fleas that carry hearworm then if any get past that point is protect the inside from the actual heartworm. I like to think of it as sorta a double defence agenst heartworm.
  • Ticks and fleas do NOT carry heartworm...infected skeeters do.
    If I had to count on Revolution to protect my dogs against heartworm infested FLEAS, I'd have been in major trouble since the ONLY year I used it we had the WORST fleas ever.  It concerns me that a product that is supposed to take care of so many things doesn't take care of the stuff I can see....makes me wonder what ELSE it isn't taking care of.  I personally won't use Revolution.
  • I had to look up what a "skeeter" was and then realized how silly I was not to know you ment moskeeter. Yes I forgot about that I guess I was thinking of the other nasty stuff fleas and ticks carrie. I am happy with revolution but I guess it's not for everyone.

    My neighbors dog often have tick but my dog has been tick free for some time now. I think it really does act differntly on each seperat dog and the area you live in. I live in the high desert so it's really dry and there really hasn't been much of a tick problem but they still seem to find their way to some dogs. We use to never have fleas here either but just recently they are starting to show up, we think they where brought to this area from people traveling with pets from other places.