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Sore on paw

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Sore on paw
  • Hi Everyone,
    Just noticed a sore on my dog paw (Hes a GSP). Sore is only on the top of his paw and not on the bottom. Nothing peirced thru the paw to cause this? Any ideas?

  • Looks like it could have been an inflamed insect bite. How long has it been there? Is your dog licking at it a lot? Have you tried putting Neosporin on it?
  • Hes had it for a few weeks. Its inflammed pretty good-about the size of a marble.. He licks it at night, mostly when hes bored. I tried to pop it- to see if it had fluid it it- but not a lot of fluid came out- just a few drops of blood. Its only on the top- the underside of the paw is fine.
    Just started to put NEO on it.
  • My dad's dog had something that looked like it. It was hard to the touch and not very plyable.

    I took the dog in to the vet, come to find out it was a cancerous tumor and had to be removed. A bi-op was done and still awaiting results.

    Please go have it looked at by a vet, especially since it is above and below the paw.
  • There's something called an interdigital cyst. They can occur between the toes. They are sometimes related to mast cell (allergic) reactions and histamine release. Does he have allergies?
  • How old is your dog?  Wesley had 2 growth type things that looked like this and both were some sort of benign tumor, very common in puppies that got bloody like that then shriveled up and fell off (sorry I can't remember the name).  I would have a vet look at it though...  Even if it is nothing to worry about, if your dog is licking, it could get infected...