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Leaky Bladder

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Leaky Bladder
  • My dog, Maisy has a bad leaky bladder. she walks around and leaves a trail of drips and when she sits or lies down there is allways a wet spot.
    I've tried cutting a hole in my little bro's nappys and putting them on her but she rips them off. she has just survived CAIHA (canine autoimmune hemelitic anemia ?s/p?) and I'm not sure how drugs against the bladder leakedges will effect her. on some websites, it says don't vaccinate your dog after this disease because it will bring it on again, but we can't live with her weeing all over the place, and she doesn't like it either.
    can you suggest anything else??? she can't live outside because if she did she would freeze since we just took her camping and she was so cold! she shivered violently when ever she was sitting still!
    and, incase it helps, Maisy is a borderjack (Border collie cross jack russell)

    thanks in advance!
  • and we don't punish her, because it is very obvious that it is not her fault!
  • how old is she?
    I used bitch britches on my dog and when she got used to those I used toddler pullups as they are harder for the dog to remove.
    You should ask your vet to help determine why your dog is leaking. Could be a urinary tract infection which can be cleared up with antibiotics - an easy fix.
    I was going to have my dog PTS due to her leaking. It was a bit more involved for her than a UTI as it was a chronic thing. I finally told the vet to get to the bottom of the leaking issue and we did. But let your vet work with it rather then trying to guess online what might be going on.
  • Mary is right -- you have to have the vet help you figure out what's causing it.  If she's on a drug like prednisone it's likely that it's causing the problem because it makes them drink so much.
    You might try bitches britches -- put a human continence pad inside of them.  I had an old girl who was quite incontinent due to some medications for years -- she used them for like 6 years!! 
    There are meds that can help -- but talk to the vet for sure first.
  • Isn't Prednisone used to treat Hemolytic Anemia????

    If so, that's very likely causing the problem.
  • She died! :(:(:(:(
  • Oh, no! I'm so sorry for your loss!